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Cherry Icee

Also known as: Cherry Ice, Cherry Ice Cream
Hybrid Hybrid THC 12% CBD -

Introducing the Cherry Icee cannabis strain, an enticing hybrid known affectionately among enthusiasts as "The Frosty Treat." Originating from a blend of flavourful parent strains, Cherry Icee combines the powerful genetics of its ancestors to produce a unique experience. It's celebrated for its remarkable effects that invigorate the mind while soothing the body, crafted meticulously from its lineage.

Cherry Icee is famous for its delightful flavour profile, bursting with notes of berry, citrus, and sweetness that dance on the palate, reminiscent of the classic frozen delight it's named after. Not only is this weed strain a pleasure for the senses, but it also offers significant relief for medical patients. Commonly used to alleviate symptoms of anxiety, depression, and pain, Cherry Icee provides a comforting respite for those in need.

The Cherry Icee cannabis strain stands out as a balanced hybrid, offering a harmonious blend of euphoria and relaxation. Its unique blend of flavours, combined with its versatile medical applications, makes it a beloved choice for both recreational users and medical patients alike.

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