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Also known as: Butterscotch Hawaiian
Indica Indica THC 24% CBD 1%

Introducing the Butterscotch cannabis strain, affectionately known to enthusiasts simply as "Butterscotch". This Indica dominant weed strain emerges from a lineage of carefully selected parent strains, weaving together the best of their genetic traits. Butterscotch is noted for its unique blend of flavors – an inviting concoction of butter, honey, and a hint of tar, making every puff a memorable experience.

Renowned within the cannabis community, Butterscotch has garnered acclaim not merely for its tantalising taste profile but also for its remarkably soothing effects. Users commonly report a serene relaxation sweeping through their body, making it an excellent choice for managing Insomnia, Stress, and Anxiety. The seamless integration of engaging flavours with potent therapeutic benefits underlines why the Butterscotch cannabis strain has captured the hearts of both recreational users and medicinal users alike, continually reinforcing its status as a distinguished Indica strain in the cannabis market.

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