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Blue Moon Rocks

Also known as: Blue Moonrock
Hybrid Hybrid THC 12% CBD 3%

The Blue Moon Rocks cannabis strain, often simply known as "Blue Moon," stands out as an enchanting Hybrid blend embraced by enthusiasts for its dreamy origins and effects. Bred from the robust lineage of Blue Moon and BOG Bubble, this weed strain is a testament to its parentage, offering a distinctive experience. Known for its tantalising flavours, Blue Moon Rocks boasts a unique profile of ripe blueberry, subtle lavender, and bold skunk, making each puff a sensory delight.

Esteemed for more than just its taste, Blue Moon Rocks excels in delivering profound relaxation, making it a go-to for those battling Depression, Stress, and Anxiety. Its effects are both euphoric and sedating, enveloping users in a serene tranquillity that underscores its medical utility. With its gorgeous trichome-laden buds exuding fragrant aromas, the Blue Moon Rocks cannabis strain promises not only an enthralling flavour journey but also a profoundly therapeutic experience.

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