Astro Pop

Also known as: Astropop and Astro Pop OG
Hybrid Hybrid THC 23% CBD 1%

Introducing the Astro Pop cannabis strain, affectionately known in certain circles as "Space Candy", this Hybrid marvel has carved its niche in the cannabis community. Bred from the renowned lineage of Alien Dutchess and Tahoe Alien, Astro Pop is a testament to masterful cultivation and genetic finesse, offering a transcendent balance of sativa and indica effects.

Famed for its unique and enchanting flavour profile that dances on the palette with notes of crisp apple, sharp pepper, and sweet berry, this weed strain ensures a sensory delight. Its renown extends beyond just recreational use; Astro Pop has shown commendable efficacy in alleviating symptoms of Anxiety, Pain, and Depression, making it a cherished option for medical cannabis users.

Elevating the Astro Pop weed strain beyond its competitors are its multifaceted effects that provide an uplifting, euphoric experience without forsaking mental clarity. This cannabis strain stands as a shining beacon for those seeking relief or simply an extraordinary celestial journey through flavour and sensation.

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