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Apple Sundae

Also known as: Apple Pie Sundae
Sativa Sativa THC 22% CBD -

The Apple Sundae weed strain, often called the "Dessert Apple" of cannabis, is a captivating Sativa strain with sweet heritage. Born from the powerful cross between Sour Apple and Sundae Driver strains, Apple Sundae inherited a crisp and buttery delicacy that sets it apart. This cannabis strain is famed for its compelling palette, filled with sweet apple and pear hints, smoothly blanketed by a buttery undertone that lingers enticingly. The effect is stimulating, stirring creativity and positivity, making it a preferred choice for managing stress, anxiety and depression. An experience with the Apple Sundae cannabis strain is akin to marvelling at a vibrant sunset whilst savouring a sumptuous dessert; with every draw, you're imbued with exhilarating tranquillity. In essence, Apple Sundae is an exquisite ensemble of therapeutic benefits dressed in an enchanting flavour experience. This blend certainly proves that apples a day do keep the worries at bay.

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