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33 Splitter

Also known as: Gelato #33 x Purple Punch
Hybrid Hybrid THC - CBD -

Introducing the 33 Splitter cannabis strain, a compelling Hybrid marvel also affectionately nicknamed by enthusiasts. A unique fusion of top-shelf parent strains, 33 Splitter owes its exquisite genetics to an artful blend that bestows upon it unparalleled qualities. Renowned for its unmistakable flavour profile that combines pungent, earthy tones with a zesty lemon kick, this weed strain has secured its place in the hearts of connoisseurs.

33 Splitter is celebrated not only for its tantalising taste but also for the potent effects it delivers. Offering a balanced euphoria that can uplift the spirit, it's no surprise that it's sought after for alleviating symptoms of Depression, Pain, and Stress, demonstrating its versatility beyond recreational use.

The detailed allure of the 33 Splitter cannabis strain lies in its perfect harmony of effects – a testament to the craftsmanship behind its creation. For those seeking relief or simply a top-tier smoking experience, 33 Splitter presents a compelling choice.

33 Splitter Strain Reviews

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Surprised Me, I been smoking 33yrs

4 out of 5 stars

What a fantastic flavor profile, works done, you've had dinner and family time, kids hit bed, it's our time, kick back with ice glass of Red, and spark this 33, first the sizzle of the joint lighting (YES, IM OLD SCHOOL, STILL ROLL JOINTS, LOL), Then this blast of vanilla/lemon, or vanilla/berry, me and the wide argued bout thos we thought was hours,, just over 15min really, this halfway thru this joint, then the stupidest s__t!, was making us just Laugh, was almost like the very 2nd joint I ever smoked and we couldn't talk for laughing, we finish it, and it's a "SMACK IN THE BRAIN", Yet we weren't couch locked, walked out to deck to finish our wine, enjoyed the sky a little longer than need be needless to say, we still washed our dishes and in bed at descent time while still getting to enjoy 4hrs of this Stuff, and,,, YOU DONT FEEL SLUGGISH, next morning, I've smoked in England, Spain, Germany, the all famous Amsterdam in late 80's, I'd like to say I've attended 3 Csnnabis Cups, (Hightimes), and I will Reach for 33 anytime, of course it matters what else I've got off better, or cured a little riper, every grower knows what I mean, but also had it from over a counter, and I'm everybit as impressed, DO Yourself a HUGE FAVOR!!,, if u get the chance at this stuff, JUMP ON IT, I GUARANTEE, and don't care how long u been smoking, This Stuff, will make you take Heed of every note , toke, and exhale!!, thx for reading

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