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10th Planet

Also known as: 10th Planet R1
Hybrid Hybrid THC 17% CBD -

Experience an intergalactic journey with the 10th Planet weed strain, an enigmatic hybrid dubbed after its cosmic appeal. A singular blend of two potent breeds, the famous Planet of the Grapes and the rare Quattro Kush, it offers a remarkable genetic lineage that fans of both Indica and Sativa can savour. Nicknamed the "celestial peacekeeper", 10th Planet is renowned for its impacts, plunging the user into calming tranquillity reminiscent of weightless space travel. Its uncanny flavour profile is a heady mix of blue-cheese, skunky undertones and a surprising grape twist. Kudos to this cannabis strain's rich terpenes, it serves as a cosmic remedy, magically soothing stress, depression, and nausea. Experience the calming influence of the 10th Planet cannabis strain, and let it serenely guide you past the stratosphere of daily stresses, into a tranquil universe of relaxation. Welcome aboard your personal lunar mission with 10th Planet.

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