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Dive into the mesmerising world of Yuzu Kush, a cannabis strain that is as enticing as it is unique. With roots tracing back to Skywalker OG and Black Lime Reserve, its appearance is a visual feast, showcasing a blend of vibrant hues. But that’s just the beginning. The aroma is an intoxicating mix of citrusy notes juxtaposed with a rich, earthy undertone, promising a sensory journey like no other. Whether you are a seasoned cannabis connoisseur or a curious newbie, Yuzu Kush beckons you to explore its myriad facets, each more enchanting than the last.

Strain Breakdown


Yuzu Kush presents itself as an artwork of nature. The strain captures one’s gaze with its characteristic kush bud structure, albeit more slender than its other kush cousins. Upon a closer look, the density of each bract is evident, fluffing out beautifully when ground. Although the buds aren’t massive, their structure is impressive, with many bearing a resemblance to colas. A rich palette of colours decorates these buds: greens, brilliant orange pistils (so abundant that they stand out prominently), and the shimmering whites of trichomes, adding a lighter hue to the kaleidoscope.


Drawing you closer, Yuzu Kush tantalises the nostrils with an alluring aroma. It is a celebration of the rich, earthy scent of kush, but upon closer acquaintance, the citrusy notes are unmissable. The mere act of squeezing, breaking, or grinding the bud enhances the gassy undertones, hinting at the Skywalker OG lineage. Yet, this is not just any citrus. The aroma is enriched with an unusual citrus twang, culminating in a captivating citrus-gas harmony. Furthermore, one might catch whiffs of pine, spice, a touch of earthiness, and a slight menthol breeze, giving it a delightfully complex aromatic profile.


When it comes to the palate, Yuzu Kush promises an indulgent experience. Especially when vaped, the citrusy twang truly shines, revealing a gassy and sweet vapour with a rich terpene profile reminiscent of its scent. While it offers a smooth smoking experience through a bong, vaping undoubtedly stands out as the preferred method to truly savour the distinct Yuzu Kush flavour.


Yuzu Kush offers its patrons a unique symphony of effects. Though primarily a body-led high, it astoundingly leaves the mind sharp and clear. This makes it an impeccable choice for daytime use. The onset of its effects is swift, casting a veil of relaxed contentment. It serves as both a body relaxant and an upliftment for the spirits. For those looking for a refreshing variant, Yuzu Kush certainly adds a novel touch to the cannabis experience.


Bred meticulously by the UK breeders Second Nature Selections, Yuzu Kush is a proud offspring of Black Lime Reserve and Skywalker OG. Cultivated in Chemdank’s secluded garden, the magic of the living soil amplifies its terpene potential.


Yuzu Kush’s terpene profile is a vibrant mosaic of nature’s aromatic treasures. Limonene, a terpene known for its refreshing citrus scent, dominates the mix, reminiscent of verdant citrus groves. Then, Myrcene adds an earthy, musky undertone, harking to the scent of a forest after a drizzle. With hints of menthol in the aroma, it’s conceivable that a touch of Eucalyptol or Menthol is involved. Together, these terpenes orchestrate an olfactory journey as intriguing as the Yuzu Kush.

Medical Properties

Yuzu Kush emerges as a multi-purpose cannabis strain, offering an array of medical benefits suitable for both daytime and potential evening use. With its body-led high and role as a natural relaxant, it seems ideally suited for managing chronic pain conditions and delivering swift relief from stress and anxiety. The uplifting effects on mood make it a plausible choice for tackling mood disorders such as depression. Remarkably, unlike strains that leave users in a mental fog, Yuzu Kush keeps the mind sharp and focused, making it a great option for those who need to remain mentally active. The terpene profile, rich in Eucalyptol or Menthol, suggests respiratory benefits, which could be advantageous for conditions like asthma when consumed in appropriate forms.

Moreover, the presence of Limonene adds anti-inflammatory properties, making it a suitable choice for ailments like arthritis. Its Myrcene content may offer additional benefits by acting as an effective muscle relaxant, which can aid with gastrointestinal issues. Although primarily advised for daytime use, its relaxation properties could also serve as a sleep aid for those suffering from insomnia.


In the vast universe of cannabis strains, Yuzu Kush emerges as a shining star. Its visual allure, tantalising aroma, exquisite taste, and harmonious effects make it a must-try for both novice and seasoned cannabis enthusiasts. Whether you’re seeking a mid-day relaxation without the mental fog or an uplifting high that’s perfect for work or gaming, Yuzu Kush promises a memorable experience.

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