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UGORG #1 is more than just another cannabis strain. Its deep green hues make it a visual masterpiece, a nod to classic cannabis aesthetics. As you get close to this bud, the unmistakable aroma of cheese strains takes over, reminiscent of the renowned Exodus Cheese. But it doesn’t just end at the fragrance. Take a draw, and you’re treated to a smooth smoke bursting with savoury flavours, with a high that’s the perfect daytime balance of energy and relaxation. Beyond recreation, its medicinal properties are undeniable. With each toke, it becomes evident why this strain stands on the brink of legendary status.

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    Strain Breakdown


    The UGORG #1 strain manifests with a vintage allure; a refreshing return to old-school cannabis aesthetics. Each bud is solidly hued in deep shades of green, reminiscent of a forest in summer’s zenith. Intriguingly, the structure deviates from the dense consistency typical of indica variants. Instead, this strain parades some calyxes that appear to fox-tail, making it a unique sight in the cannabis panorama.


    For connoisseurs who crave the heady aroma of cheese strains, UGORG #1 does not disappoint. The olfactory experience is akin to diving nose-first into a world where Exodus Cheese mingles audaciously with another cheese strain. The pungent, super-rich smell invokes vivid memories of the iconic Skunk No.1, leaving a lasting impression on the senses.


    UGORG #1 offers a captivating gustatory journey. When sampled through a bong, it delivers a delightfully smooth smoke that tantalisingly carries the strain’s pungent flavour. Although the vapour presents a smooth, delicious profile, the smoke truly showcases its profound taste. Less in terpenes compared to contemporary strains, it still stands out with its robust and delightful pungency.


    UGORG #1 seamlessly merges invigoration with relaxation. Dominated by a body-led high, it simultaneously elicits feelings of cheerfulness and euphoria. For seasoned cannabis enthusiasts, the daytime high is just the right balance of relaxation and energy, evoking giggles and uplifting spirits.


    UGORG #1, a product of Underground Orig., exhibits versatility in cultivation. It thrives both indoors and outdoors, with an indoor flowering period averaging around 63 days. The plant’s adaptability ensures a rewarding experience for both novice and experienced cultivators, with yields consistently exceeding average expectations.


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    Medical Properties

    Beyond recreational use, UGORG #1 showcases impressive medicinal potential. Its balanced high, merging relaxation with euphoria, has therapeutic benefits. The strain aids in alleviating multiple symptoms, proving its worth as a potent medicinal cannabis variant.


    UGORG #1 is a harmonious symphony of the best attributes of cannabis: captivating smell, tantalising taste, and a balanced high. Its old-school appearance, coupled with its robust effects and taste, makes it an all-rounder. Truly, UGORG #1 is on the path to becoming legendary in the cannabis community.

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