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Super Silver Haze


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Dive into the world of Super Silver Haze, a cannabis strain that has captivated cannabis consumers for decades. Its appearance is a visual feast, with crystalline buds gleaming under the light and fiery orange hairs that capture attention. Its sweet aroma promises and delivers a taste that is nothing short of sensational. Beyond its sensory delights, Super Silver Haze is a beacon for those seeking upliftment and rejuvenation. From its storied origins, cultivated by the renowned Green House Seeds, to its intricate terpene profile that offers a symphony of nature’s finest aromas, this strain is a masterpiece in every sense. Whether you seek solace from stress, a burst of creativity, or simply wish to indulge in a top-tier cannabis experience, Super Silver Haze beckons.

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Strain Breakdown


Super Silver Haze is a visual marvel that captivates the eye at first glance. It boasts well-formed buds that present in two dense clusters. These buds are peppered with sporadic bits of leaf, but the real marvel lies in its shimmering layer of crystals. Interspersed with these are fiery orange hairs that accentuate the overall appearance. The look of the bud is tantalisingly sweet, evoking visions of candy. One can almost sense its inherent quality and potency just by beholding its resplendent form.


A single whiff of Super Silver Haze is enough to transport one’s senses straight to a bustling Amsterdam coffee shop. Its signature scent is sweet, and yet there’s an undeniable richness to it, an olfactory memory that stirs nostalgia. It’s an aroma that immediately ingrains itself in one’s memory, reminiscent of the invigorating smell that often envelops coffee shops in the heart of Amsterdam.


The taste of Super Silver Haze is nothing short of a delightful experience. As it touches the palate, a sweet and almost cloying haze flavour engulfs the taste buds. This deliciousness lingers, persisting even after the exhale, ensuring that the flavourful journey it offers is one that stays with the consumer for quite a while.


For those seeking to jumpstart their day with a burst of energy, Super Silver Haze stands as an ideal choice. When consumed, it awakens a surge of sativa effects, making one feel invigorated, joyous, and primed for any task. It’s a strain that promotes feelings of happiness, creativity, and an unparalleled zest for life. The effects are robust and lasting, ensuring the consumer remains energetic for extended periods.


Bred with precision and expertise by Green House Seeds, Super Silver Haze holds a storied history. Initially conceived as an outdoor plant, its evolution saw the creation of an indoor version which, surprisingly, surpassed the original in yields when grown hydroponically, and in a shorter time frame.


The terpene profile of Super Silver Haze paints a vivid portrait of nature’s aromatic wonders. Dominating this strain’s profile is Carene, contributing a modest yet distinguished aroma. Following suit is Myrcene, known for its earthy allure. Limonene brings forth a zesty citrus charm, whilst Linalool adds a hint of floral sweetness. Pinene infuses a fresh, pine-like scent, and Terpinolene offers a unique, complex aroma. Caryophyllene lends a peppery touch, Humulene gives an earthy warmth, Ocimene adds a splash of sweetness, and Valencene completes the ensemble with its citrusy undertones. Together, these terpenes fashion an olfactory journey that mirrors the multifaceted essence of the Super Silver Haze strain.

Medical Properties

While the recreational benefits of Super Silver Haze are clear, its medicinal properties are also noteworthy. This strain is particularly effective in alleviating symptoms of stress, anxiety, and depression. It’s a soothing remedy for those battling the strains of daily life.


Super Silver Haze, a strain steeped in acclaim and history, remains a top choice for many. Whether it’s the alluring aroma that brings back memories of Amsterdam, the delightful taste that lingers, the uplifting effects that rejuvenate, or the medicinal properties that comfort – Super Silver Haze is a strain that never disappoints.

Medical Cannabis is legal on prescription in the UK. Releaf offers specialist appointments with doctors who understand cannabis Learn More

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Rated 5.0 out of 5
August 9, 2023

Super Silver Haze is an ISMOKE favourite. I first sampled this strain in Greenhouse Coffee Shop in Amsterdam in 2010, and was immediately impressed.

Bred by Greenhouse Seeds, this strain brings back so many fond memories.


This came in two dense nugs. The buds were well-formed, with only sporadic bits of leaf. Crystals and orange hairs very apparent. The bud itself looks very sweet, almost like candy, which matches up to the smell and the taste.


The sweet notes of this strain are immediately recognisable – for me, it is an instant whisk away to an Amsterdam coffee shop and hazy memories of fun times.


The taste of the Super Silver Haze does not disappoint. A sweet, almost sickly haze taste fills your mouth on the intake and stays with you after the exhale.


Strong sativa effects make this strain ideal for a morning smoke, if you are so inclined. After smoking this first thing I feel energised, happy and ready to work.


This strain won three cannabis cups in concurrent years (1997, 1998, 1999), and rightly so. Of all the strains I have sampled, particularly in the haze category, Super Silver Haze is up there.

While I tend to smoke more indica strains these days for their medicinal properties, I used to be a complete sativa-head. Smoking Super Silver Haze takes me back to those days and is always a classic and enjoyable strain to smoke.

Review by: ISMOKE

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