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The Strawpicanna strain is an alluring blend of colours and aromas that captivates every sense. From its visually striking appearance to its fruity and invigorating aroma, each interaction with this strain feels like an intimate rendezvous. As you delve deeper into its world, you’ll find its flavour profile to be a mirror reflection of its scent, making every puff or vape session a delightful affair. And just when you think you’ve experienced it all, Strawpicanna reveals its therapeutic potential, promising both relaxation and clarity. Dive into our detailed review to embark on this enchanting journey.

Strain Breakdown


Strawpicanna emanates a robust and captivating presence with its myriad of colours and shades. This intricate visual dance is a play between the gentle green hues and the bold dark purple leaf bases, while the vivacious pistils brilliantly stand out. This multi-dimensional depth is accentuated by well-structured buds, generously cloaked in shimmering trichomes.


At first whiff, Strawpicanna is a delight. The enveloping aroma of strawberries and cream hits the senses almost instantly upon opening its container. This sweet scent is so profound that it momentarily overshadows the typical cannabis aroma. But a closer examination, particularly after breaking the bud, introduces some danker notes, subtly hinting at the cannabis essence, blending beautifully with the dominant fruity aroma.


In terms of flavour, Strawpicanna is a grand encore of its scent. The pronounced strawberry flavour seamlessly transitions from the nose to the palate, especially when vaped. The cool, smooth vapour offers a delightful burst of sweet strawberries, evoking feelings of indulgence. This flavourful experience continues when smoked, albeit slightly muted, but still a rich fusion of cannabis and strawberries, making each puff a delectable treat.


Upon consumption, Strawpicanna introduces a cerebral elevation, marked by heightened vibrance and clarity. The experience is refreshing and invigorating, quickly casting a cheerful spell. Despite its impressive THC content, this strain stands out for its clear-headed high, letting one remain functional and productive.


The cultivation of Strawpicanna is a testament to its resilience and generosity. The buds mature beautifully, blanketed in a thick layer of trichomes. These plants thrive over a flowering period ranging from 53 to 61 days, culminating in a bountiful harvest. Their stature oscillates between 30-60 cm, ensuring a generous yield whether nurtured indoors or outdoors.


Strawpicanna’s terpene profile is a harmonious blend of nature’s finest aromas. Leading the charge is Caryophyllene, imparting a spicy, peppery aroma reminiscent of freshly ground black pepper. Limonene follows, lending a refreshing citrusy scent that uplifts the spirit. Myrcene introduces an earthy and herbal fragrance, while Pinene offers a hint of forest freshness. Together, they orchestrate an aromatic symphony that makes Strawpicanna truly special.

Medical Properties

With its balanced effects, Strawpicanna is often chosen by those grappling with stress, pain, and anxiety. Its harmonious blend of relaxation and focus has shown the potential to assist individuals with ADD/ADHD and bipolar disorder. Additionally, its calming effects may be beneficial for conditions like glaucoma and migraines.


Strawpicanna stands tall as a strain that delivers on all fronts. From its captivating appearance to its tantalising aroma and flavour, it promises an experience that is both delightful and therapeutic. Its balanced effects underscore its versatility, making it a favourite among both recreational users and medical cannabis patients.

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