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Specimen X


Medical cannabis is legal in the UK. Releaf, our trusted partner, offers consultations and delivery of medical cannabis directly to your door.

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Dive into the world of Specimen X, a strain whose name alone evokes intrigue and mystery. Bred meticulously by Clearwater Genetics, this variety presents a harmonious blend of indica and sativa, promising a unique symphony of sensations. Its versatility in cultivation, whether indoors, outdoors, or within the comfort of a greenhouse, speaks volumes of its robustness. A product of mastery, especially with the collaborative touch of Tikimadman, Specimen X beckons to both cultivators and users. Read on and unravel the tale of this remarkable strain.

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    When one indulges in Specimen X cannabis, a blend of emotions and sensations course through, a harmonious result of its indica and sativa lineage. This balanced journey ensures neither euphoria overshadows relaxation nor the other way round. It’s a symphony of feelings, tailor-made for the discerning cannabis aficionado.


    Specimen X stands out not just for its effects but also for its versatility in cultivation. Whether one chooses an indoor setting, the vast expanse of the outdoors, or even the regulated greenhouse environment, this strain promises to thrive. Indoors, the flowering period spans a modest 65 days, a testament to its rapid growth. Yet, it’s not just about speed; the quality is unparalleled. Cultivators vouch for its resilience and robustness attributes that trace back to the mastery of Clearwater Genetics.


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    In the expansive world of cannabis, Specimen X occupies a special niche. A brainchild of Clearwater Genetics, this strain is a testament to masterful breeding, especially when coupled with the insights of Tikimadman. While much about its sensory attributes remains shrouded in mystery, its cultivation profile is clear: resilient, versatile, and promising bounteous yields. For those on a quest for a strain that blends the best of indica and sativa, their search might just end with Specimen X weed strain.

    Medical Cannabis is legal on prescription in the UK. Releaf offers specialist appointments with doctors who understand cannabis Learn More

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