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Also referred to as the Sunva strain, Sour Tangie cannabis is a choice blend for those desiring a boost in creativity and energy, especially before social engagements. While primarily a Sativa strain, its subtle Indica inclusion offers a harmonious balance of effects. The blend of high THC and low CBD creates a potent mix, cementing its reputation as one of the most renowned strains. Notably, its lineage traces back to acclaimed strains, granting users a euphoric, cerebral high.

The strain’s potent aroma, reminiscent of a fierce citrus fragrance combined with hints of lime, is immediately noticeable. When ignited, it reveals an intensely citrusy flavour profile. But, beyond its irresistible taste and smell, Sour Tangie offers an immediate euphoric experience. It doesn’t just stop there; users report feelings of enhanced creativity, happiness, productivity, and sociability. It’s a strain that promises minimal side effects, ensuring users enjoy the best of both worlds: potency without overwhelming consequences.

Strain Breakdown


The Sour Tangie strain offers an intriguing visual. While primarily uniform in colour, it showcases various shades of green. Trichomes delicately glisten, nestling amidst the sunken pistils, which display a muted copper hue. The presence of leaves scattered throughout the bud adds to its natural appeal.


Sour Tangie gifts one’s olfactory senses with a potent aroma. Predominantly, there’s a biting, bitter citrus scent paired with a refreshing lime fragrance. This aroma intensifies upon cracking open its buds, leaving a lingering tang in the air. There’s also an underlying pungent, skunky undertone, especially detectable upon grinding the buds.


The palate encounters a familiar journey as with the aroma. The Sour Tangie strain’s taste mirrors its smell: intensely citrusy with flavours reminiscent of lemons and oranges. The initial sweet flavour gradually evolves into a robust, almost tangy sourness.


Upon consumption, an immediate euphoric rush is undeniable. This swiftly transitions to an overwhelmingly joyous feeling, eliminating stress and anxieties. The strain’s Sativa dominance ensures consumers feel energetic, productive, creative, and sociable. The THC levels, ranging from 20-22%, guarantee a potent, fast-acting impact even in edibles.


Growing the Sour Tangie, or Sunva strain, requires expertise. The strain grows exponentially, reaching up to 10 feet in height. This demands regular pruning to ensure sunlight reaches the lower branches. Optimal growth conditions would be indoors due to its towering stature and robust aroma. Indoors, it also becomes more manageable to provide the necessary nitrogen-rich feedings.


The dominant terpene in the Sour Tangie profile is Caryophyllene, which contains various terpenes.

Medical Properties

Sour Tangie uplifts one’s mood, making it ideal for those needing a creative or energetic boost. Its high THC content and relatively low CBD level make it a favourite for recreational usage.


A proud offspring of Sour Diesel and Tangie, Sour Tangie boasts a rich lineage known for its beneficial effects and medicinal applications. It’s a treat for both recreational and medicinal users, with its delightful taste, compelling aroma, and uplifting effects. It stands out as a potent Sativa-dominant hybrid, perfect for daytime consumption, allowing users to remain focused and clear-headed.

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