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Sour Headstash


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Sour Headstash terpenes

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Embark on an aromatic journey with the Sour Headstash strain, a cannabis variant known for its intoxicating scent and robust flavour profile. From its distinctive gassy berry notes to its earthy OG undertones, this indica-dominant strain promises an experience like no other. Not just a feast for the senses, Sour Headstash also boasts potential therapeutic benefits, catering to both recreational and medicinal users. Dive into this detailed review and discover what makes this strain stand out amidst a sea of cannabis varieties.

Strain Breakdown


The Sour Headstash strain brings forth nugs that might appear a tad disappointing, especially with their darker hue and the presence of some small, popcorn-like nugs. An old school aura, possibly reminiscent of sour diesel, emanates from these buds. With golden pistils shining through, there’s a visual appeal despite the darker and slightly leafy presentation.


On the olfactory front, Sour Headstash is a delightful marvel. Opening the jar releases a torrent of intoxicating aromas dominated by gassy berry tones and earthy OG-like whiffs. Grinding the flower amplifies the aromatic experience, filling the space with its unforgettable scent. For those keen on an olfactory adventure, this strain provides a potent and memorable experience.


When it comes to the palate, Sour Headstash offers an exquisite journey. Smoking it with a Dynavap M Vaporizer unveils a jet fuel flavour, a taste that seems as if pure OG is dancing on the tongue. However, when smoked through a bong, it offers an earthy power reminiscent of OG strains with a notable bite, possibly a testament to its robust gassy essence.


As an indica-dominant cannabis, Sour Headstash brings forth a wave of relaxation within moments of consumption. This strain ushers in a body-led sensation, eventually paving the way for the onset of the munchies. The strain is optimal for those evenings when you’re looking to chill with Netflix or immerse in video games.


Growing the Sour Headstash strain demands patience, with a flowering time that spans between 55 to 62 days. Indoor growers can expect the plant to reach heights between 30-60 inches, while outdoor cultivation sees a taller range of 60-80 inches. Yields vary, with indoor growers garnering 1-2 Oz/Ft² and outdoor cultivators enjoying a generous 10-15 Oz/plant.


Sour Headstash’s terpene profile paints a vivid tapestry of nature’s aromatic delights. Dominating the mix is Limonene, bestowing a refreshing citrus scent reminiscent of summer orchards. Following closely is Myrcene, known for its earthy, musky undertones that often evoke memories of a forest after rainfall. Caryophyllene lends a spicy touch, giving the strain an invigorating kick. Humulene brings forward subtle woody nuances, grounding the overall aroma. Phellandrene offers peppery hints, while Linalool ties together the experience with its delicate floral notes. Borneol, Carene, and Bisabolol play their parts in crafting an olfactory journey as diverse and delightful as the strain itself.

Medical Properties

This strain offers an array of medicinal benefits. It can potentially alleviate symptoms related to fatigue, lack of appetite, arthritis, depression, and stress. Furthermore, it may aid individuals with attention deficit disorders, offering a therapeutic respite to many.


Sour Headstash, despite minor setbacks in its appearance, truly shines when it comes to its aroma and taste. It offers a body-led high perfect for relaxation and leisurely evenings. With a unique terpene profile and potential medical benefits, it is a strain that both recreational users and medical patients might find alluring.

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