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Experience the serenity of a calm evening with Slurricane, a strain that promises to transport you to a peaceful realm. As you light up, let the subtle hints of berry and earthy undertones whisk you away to tranquil landscapes. Though it might present a modest aromatic presence, its soothing effects are undeniably profound. Discover Slurricane, where every puff is a step closer to tranquillity.

Strain Breakdown


Dusty white trichomes give Slurricane its distinctively light hue. The rich nuclear green buds are adorned with layers of this white, reminiscent of a winter’s first snow. Unlike dense nugs often associated with other cannabis strains, Slurricane showcases smaller individual bracts, presenting a unique bud structure. Interestingly, its presentation might be likened to strains typically found in Amsterdam coffee shops. The quality of trim, coupled with hints of stalk, suggests this batch was initially destined for extraction.


While Slurricane is often described as having a “creamy OG with hints of blueberries”, the sample in question seems more restrained. The aroma, although subdued, hints at tropical and berry undertones when agitated. There’s a chance the cultivation process might not have fully realized its terpene potential.


Slurricane offers a clean and smooth smoking experience, particularly when consumed via a bong. While its terpy flavour is somewhat muted, hints of berry emerge when vaped. Based on the sample, the flavour profile doesn’t entirely impress, suggesting potential variability in cultivation or genetics.


Despite its subdued aroma and flavour, Slurricane does not compromise on effect. Its calming embrace soothes the body, reminiscent of the comforting embrace of an old Afghan quilt. Almost immediately, it ushers in a wave of relaxation that cascades from the body to the mind, inducing a peaceful and creative mindset.


Slurricane, although available as photoperiod seeds, presents a moderate challenge to cultivate. Prospective growers can raise it both indoors and outdoors. Indoors, it promises a yield of 400 g/m, while outdoor cultivation can yield up to 550 g/plant. With a flowering time between 9-10 weeks, experts often advise harvesting around the 12th week to maximise yield and potency.


The terpene profile of Slurricane narrates an aromatic odyssey. Foremost, **Limonene** graces the strain with refreshing citrus notes. Myrcene, following suit, adds an earthy depth reminiscent of damp woodland terrains. Linalool introduces zesty berry and citrusy nuances. Caryophyllene offers a hint of divine blueberry, while Terpineol provides a characteristic delicate floral aroma. Phellandrene and Ocimene come together, contributing to their sweet palate, and the presence of Pinene, Humulene, Terpinolene, and others completes the bouquet.

Medical Properties

Slurricane’s Indica dominance makes it a preferred choice among medical cannabis users. Even with its modest CBD content, it excels in alleviating symptoms of conditions such as PTSD, Arthritis, Anxiety, Muscular dystrophy, Depression, and Migraines. Its calming effects make it especially beneficial for individuals grappling with anxiety, stress, and insomnia.


Slurricane is a unique cannabis strain combining the best of Do-Si-Dos and Purple Punch genetics. While this sample may not have fully showcased its aromatic and taste potential, its effects remain uncompromised. Its rich terpene profile and medical properties make it a strain worth exploring for recreational and medical users.

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