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S5 Haze terpenes

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Venturing into the world of cannabis strains brings one across a myriad of experiences. Among them, the S5 Haze strain from Holland stands out. With its overdeveloped, steroid-like appearance, this strain promises a unique journey. The enticing aroma, reminiscent of sweet citrus candies, beckons a closer look. As one delves deeper, the cerebral effects, combined with a refreshing minty flavour, make it a top choice for daytime consumption. But what makes it so unique? Dive into the detailed review to unravel the mystery of S5 Haze.

Strain Breakdown


S5 Haze offers a fascinating display. The very look of the strain suggests a muscular presence – it seems as if it has been on steroids. These overdeveloped, dense buds truly showcase some robust genetics. A crystal-covered veneer gives the S5 Haze buds a vibrant, frosted appearance, making them stand out distinctly in the world of cannabis.


This strain is evocative of the classic amnesia haze from Dutch coffee shops but has its twist. There’s a scent akin to oranges, yet it diverges from strains like Tangerine Dream, Agent Orange, or Tangie. This distinct aroma offers a clean and sweet note with an underlying musky undertone, rendering it as the “candies of the cannabis world”.


Similar to its smell, the taste profile of S5 Haze is a delightful palette of citrus and sweetness. The most dominant flavours that burst forth are fresh haze with a sweet hint. The strain provides a smooth and enriching experience, especially when consumed through a bong or vaporiser, offering a refreshing gust of fresh and sweet haze taste.


S5 Haze is distinct for its cerebral buzz. It uplifts the mind, bringing forth a wave of creativity and joy. As a daytime strain, it’s both uplifting and energising. It’s milder than strains like Amnesia Haze, ensuring a gentle euphoria without overwhelming the senses.


Acquiring S5 Haze can be a challenge due to its clone-only nature. This unique strain takes about 54-62 days for flowering and 68 days for harvesting. The plant, whether grown indoors or outdoors, usually reaches a height of 30-60 inches. Expected indoor yield stands around 1-2 Oz/Ft² (~ 400 g/m²), while outdoor yield tends to be around 15-20 Oz/plant (~ 550 g/plant).


The terpene profile of S5 Haze is dominated by myrcene, giving it an earthy scent. This is accompanied by caryophyllene, which offers a peppery note, and humulene, which adds a hoppy touch to the overall aroma.

Medical Properties

Many users have reported the benefits of S5 Haze in dealing with conditions like pain, stress, and anxiety. Its uplifting and cerebral nature also makes it suitable for those dealing with depression.


Originating from Holland, S5 Haze is a Sativa-dominant hybrid that stands out not just for its appearance and flavour but also for its balanced effects. With a refreshing minty flavour and a citrusy aroma, this strain is perfect for daytime use, offering creativity and elevation of thoughts. However, it’s essential to keep hydrated, and perhaps some eye drops handy to counter the strain’s side effects like dry mouth and red eyes.

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