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Runtz terpenes

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Dive into the world of Runtz, a cannabis strain that encapsulates perfection in every facet. Each nug of Runtz glistens, exuding hues of green and purple, reminiscent of premium US imports. Its aroma transports one to a candy store, where sweet treats promise delight. The taste? Pure decadence. Runtz stays true to its aroma, ensuring that the party transitions smoothly from the nostrils to the mouth. And the effects? Simply put, it’s an elevating experience, perfect for those looking to transform ordinary moments into extraordinary ones. Explore the magic of Runtz, where every puff is a journey into a world of unparalleled quality.

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Strain Breakdown


The Runtz cannabis strain boasts nugs that have been meticulously trimmed, leaving no bases of leaves behind. They are reminiscent of the superior quality US import weed familiar to many enthusiasts. Complex in colour, they shimmer in hues of green and purple, dazzlingly decorated with trichomes that come alive under light.


Runtz’s aroma bears a strong resemblance to the scent of Zkittlez. It offers a delightful break from the common Dutch hazy sweetness, emanating multiple layers of candy sweetness without being crushed. Once ground, it releases an even stronger sweet aroma, tinged with the fresh scent of pine and a subtle hint of gasoline.


With Runtz, what one smells is precisely what one tastes. The flavour journey begins in the nostrils and continues seamlessly into the mouth, offering a fusion of sweets, a hint of blue, fruity nuances, and a dash of pine. Whether consumed through a bong, a mighty vaporiser or as an extract, Runtz consistently delivers a flavour that stands out, maintaining its authentic taste across different consumption methods.


Leaning predominantly on the Sativa-hybrid side, Runtz delivers a pronounced head high. It brings forth intensified thoughts and heightened senses from the first puff. Ideal for afternoons or weekends, it promises to transform mundane activities into memorable experiences.


Growing Runtz is not a task for the uninitiated. It demands experience and expertise. Suitable for indoor and outdoor cultivation, this strain can reach heights of up to six feet. With a slightly longer flowering period of about 11 weeks, Runtz produces an average yield.


Runtz houses a diverse terpene profile. Dominated by **caryophyllene**, other notable terpenes include limonene and myrcene. These terpenes not only contribute to its unique aroma and flavour but also may offer therapeutic benefits.

Medical Properties

Owing to its uplifting effects, Runtz has been recognised for its potential to alleviate symptoms of anxiety, stress, and depression. However, like all strains, the effects can vary based on individual tolerance and dosage.


The Runtz cannabis strain has rightfully earned its reputation as one of the most sought-after strains, excelling in appearance, aroma, taste, and effects. A product of the reputed Cookies Fam, its exceptional quality is a testament to its meticulous cultivation and unique genetics.

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