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Discover the allure of Rainbow Belts, a captivating hybrid cannabis strain that tantalises the senses from the very first whiff. An aromatic powerhouse, it releases vibrant notes of citrusy fruits and sherbet, perfectly juxtaposed with a hint of OG gas. On the palate, the experience is equally enthralling, thanks to its rich terpene profile. Beyond its sensory delights, Rainbow Belts packs a punch with its effects. It commences with an energetic uplift, gradually melting into a profound relaxation, making it the ideal companion for a serene evening. Bred meticulously by Archive Seed Bank, this strain promises a holistic cannabis journey, whether you’re seeking recreation or releaf.

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Strain Breakdown


The Rainbow Belts cannabis strain presents a fairly straightforward look with its vibrant green buds punctuated by petite yellow pistils. While there’s an absence of striking colour variations, the bud’s large visible trichomes lend it a slightly whitened aura. Though lacking the showy aesthetic of strains like Gelato or Cookies, the Rainbow Belts does promise a substantial, resinous feel, suggesting it would yield a satisfactory grind.


A feast for the olfactory senses, Rainbow Belts boasts a heady and refreshing aroma. One is instantly hit by zesty sherbet notes combined with a melange of fruits – think grapefruit, grape, citrus, and blueberry. As if this fruity fiesta wasn’t enough, there’s a touch of OG gas that rounds off the aromatic experience. The strain’s potency is evident when the bag is opened, and grinding only amplifies this delightful scent.


Mirroring its olfactory allure, the Rainbow Belts strain impresses with its taste. A rich terpene profile ensures that the Zkittlez-inspired sherbet taste is delivered with depth. Every puff, whether from a bong or vaporiser, promises a harmonious blend of aromatic flavours. Whether smoked or vaped, Rainbow Belts guarantees a flavourful, palatable experience.


Rainbow Belts isn’t just a treat for the senses. Its effects are equally captivating. Beginning with an energising uplift, the high gradually transitions into a slightly hazy yet spirited feeling. This paves the way for profound relaxation, making it a prime choice for a tranquil evening after a long day.


Rainbow Belts, a brainchild of Archive Seed Bank, can be cultivated indoors and outdoors. Indoors, it requires a flowering time of roughly 65 days. When allowed to flourish, it promises a bounty of resin-rich, terpene-laden flowers.


The predominant terpene in Rainbow Belts is caryophyllene, accompanied by linalool and limonene. Caryophyllene imparts a spicy, peppery note and is believed to offer anti-inflammatory benefits.

Medical Properties

Medical cannabis users frequently choose Rainbow Belts to mitigate symptoms related to insomnia. Its calming effects also make it a popular choice for alleviating stress and depression.


Rainbow Belts is, undeniably, a standout strain. From its enchanting aroma and taste to its soothing effects, it promises a comprehensive cannabis experience. Whether seeking relaxation or medical relief, Rainbow Belts appears to be a prime choice for discerning cannabis consumers.

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