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In the vast galaxy of cannabis strains, a star emerges, shining brighter than most – the illustrious Purple Punch. With its debut in 2017, it quickly garnered the title of Strain of the Year in the US. But what makes this strain so special? For starters, it’s a visual feast with vibrant shades of purple and green that beckon a closer look. The aroma? A heady blend of grapes with hints of other fruity undertones. And the taste is just as you’d imagine, given the aroma – predominantly grape, but with subtleties that provide depth. When it comes to effects, Purple Punch doesn’t hold back. It delivers a serene experience, allowing the user to drift into a state of relaxation. However, the inexperienced should proceed with caution. Now, for those with green fingers, this strain offers a delightful cultivation journey, with the promise of a generous yield at the end. Truly, Purple Punch is more than just a strain; it’s an experience waiting to be had.

Strain Breakdown


Purple Punch, a strain with a majestic presence, reveals its beauty through vibrant purple and green hues, indicative of its name. The trichomes, sparkling like a night’s sky, bestow upon it a shimmering finish, making the buds appear as if they’ve been kissed by morning dew.


The aroma of Purple Punch is a delightful medley of fragrances. A potent grape scent takes the lead, reminiscent of childhood memories of grape-flavoured candies. Accompanying this, subtle undertones of fruity fragrances dance in the background, leaving a lasting impression and a longing for more.


Very much akin to its aromatic allure, Purple Punch boasts a dominant grape taste. However, upon closer sampling, one might detect other fruity undertones, ensuring a rounded flavour profile. This strain goes down like the smoothest butter, leaving a lingering taste of berry delights.


For those seeking tranquillity, Purple Punch is a choice companion. Initially, it strikes between the eyes, cascading to the limbs, creating a tingling sensation. Many users have reported feelings of relaxation, sleepiness, and even a dash of creativity. However, for the inexperienced, it’s advised to tread lightly, for it might induce dizziness or dry eyes.


Purple Punch is a strain that offers growers both convenience and yield. With a flowering time between 56 to 75 days, it’s relatively swift to cultivate. The seeds produce a bountiful yield, up to 650mg per square metre, which is a delightful reward for the efforts invested. Suitable for both indoor and outdoor cultivation, it’s a strain that both novice and experienced growers can appreciate.


Purple Punch boasts a rich and diversified terpene profile, attributing not only to its aromatic charm but also to its potential therapeutic properties.

Geraniol: Often associated with roses, geraniol delivers a sweet, floral scent. Beyond its olfactory delights, this terpene is studied for its potential anti-inflammatory and neuroprotectant properties.

Limonene: Recognisable by its citrusy aroma reminiscent of oranges and lemons, limonene is believed to provide uplifted moods and stress relief. It also holds promise in potentially aiding gastric issues and elevating the spirit.

Caryophyllene: Spicy and pepper-like, caryophyllene is unique as it can also bind to cannabinoid receptors in our body, potentially offering anti-inflammatory effects. Its warm, woody undertone complements the fruity fragrances of Purple Punch.

Myrcene: One of the most prevalent terpenes in cannabis, myrcene exudes an earthy, musky scent with hints of fruity notes, resembling cloves. Often lauded for its potential soothing properties, it’s believed to amplify the relaxing effects of cannabis.

With such a robust terpene profile, Purple Punch offers a symphony of aromas and flavours, further enhancing its already captivating presence and potential therapeutic versatility.

Medical Properties

Purple Punch stands as a potential remedy for various ailments. Its therapeutic uses range from aiding sleep, combating depression, and providing relief from pain, anxiety, and stress. Moreover, its efficacy extends to more severe conditions like sickle cell anaemia, bipolar disorder, epilepsy, multiple sclerosis, muscular dystrophy, and PTSD.


Introduced to the world by Symbiotic Genetics in collaboration with Budologist and The Village, Purple Punch, crowned Strain of the Year in 2017, has continued to enchant users with its tantalising appearance, aroma, and taste. While it promises serenity and potential therapeutic benefits, caution is advised for those new to its embrace.

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