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Purple Mother of Berries


Purple Mother Of Berries

Purple Mother of Berries terpenes

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Delve into the mysterious world of the Purple Mother of Berries cannabis strain, a gem with a compelling chocolate-coffee aroma and a harmonious blend of effects. This strain, originating from Maine, brings to the table a unique sensory experience, balancing between the robustness of Indica and the alertness of Sativa. Discover the intricacies of its appearance, aroma, and effects that have intrigued and delighted many across the globe.

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    Strain Breakdown


    The Purple Mother of Berries strain exhibits beautifully dense, tight nuggets, showcasing an expert trim job. The shimmering trichomes lavishly envelop each bud. Yet, amidst this sea of green and frost, hints of purple tones elegantly weave through the leaves.


    Diving nose-first into the Purple Mother of Berries, one is immediately struck by a dominant coffee and chocolate aroma. This smell distinctly sets it apart from many other cannabis strains. Additionally, when broken or ground, the bud releases dank undertones reminiscent of the iconic old-school cheese and skunk. It’s a symphony of olfactory intrigue.


    In terms of flavour, Purple Mother of Berries might be a tad subtle, especially when compared to its robust aroma. When sampled through a bong, the taste came across as understated. Although it doesn’t replicate the rich chocolate or coffee notes sensed in its aroma, it offers a clean, non-descript taste of cannabis when smoked.


    Delving into the effects of the Purple Mother of Berries, its balanced sensations become evident. Despite its parent strain, Mother of Berries, being 90% Indica, Purple MOB hints at some Sativa influence. This makes it feel like a hybrid, although it’s likely Indica-dominant. The effects are a harmonious blend of relaxation, happiness, and focused alertness.


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    Medical Properties

    Given its effects, Purple Mother of Berries may benefit individuals seeking relaxation, mood enhancement, and improved focus.


    Purple Mother of Berries sometimes questioned in its authenticity as the Purple MOB stands out distinctively for its chocolate-coffee aroma. While its taste might not mirror its smell, the effects it brings to the table make it an attractive choice for many. Its mysterious origins and a rare appearance in the market only add to its allure. Should one come across it, it’s undoubtedly a strain worth experiencing for a spin on the senses.

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