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Psychocitrus terpenes

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Step into the world of Psycho Citrus, a strain that captivates with its frosty appearance and enthrals with its unparalleled citrus aroma. An encounter with this UK-bred strain promises a journey of rich flavours and balanced effects, making it an ideal choice for the discerning cannabis enthusiast. Dive deeper to explore its rich terpene profile, potential medical benefits, and the symphony of sensations it offers.

Strain Breakdown


The Psycho Citrus strain presents itself with elegance, catching the eye with its dense trichome coverage, painting a frosty picture reminiscent of a chilly winter morning. The trimming process has been executed precisely, delicately, leaving just the base of the leaves. These leaves, darker than the bud, enhance the strain’s aesthetics. The buds, less compact and akin to dried flowers, reveal the strain’s fragility, as observed when some trichomes were inadvertently shaken free. The enticing appearance stirs anticipation, making one yearn to experience its taste.


The scent allure of Psycho Citrus is genuinely remarkable. A heady concoction of potent citrus notes sets it apart, even in the expansive realm of orange-flavoured strains. The intense, sharp aroma that emerges when the ground bud marries seamlessly with the dominant citrus, masking the former almost entirely. So distinct is its fragrance that it has given birth to a term – psychocitrusesque. This term encapsulates the unique scent, marking Psycho Citrus as a strain with an unforgettable aroma.


A voyage with Psycho Citrus through a glass beaker bong is a flavourful odyssey. The strain’s taste is so potent that its citrus notes are discernible even during inhalation, painting a flavourful narrative. The exhale journey remains consistent, delivering rich, smooth smoke that retains the tantalising aroma. It’s an exquisite tasting experience, where the limonene terpene dominates, leaving an inviting orangey aftertaste.


Psycho Citrus introduces a harmonious blend of effects. Its Sativa-dominant hybrid nature manifests through an uplifting cerebral and bodily embrace. The initial waves of euphoria pave the way for a calm, relaxed state, making it an ideal companion for daytime use. As the experience matures, a comforting, relaxed feeling blankets the user, making it an invitation to unwind.


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Psycho Citrus boasts a rich terpene profile. It includes Linalool, Limonene, Myrcene, Valencene, Camphene, Sabinene, Caryophyllene, and Carene.

Medical Properties

Psycho Citrus offers relief from fatigue, depression, PTSD, and stress. Its balancing effects make it suitable for those battling ADHD as well. However, users should be wary of potential side effects like hunger, insomnia, thirst, dry mouth, dry eyes, and occasionally slurred speech. A few might also experience paranoia.


Psycho Citrus is a stellar strain that ticks all boxes, from its appearance to its myriad effects. This strain, potentially one of the finest orange-inspired varieties, leaves a lasting impression with its distinguished aroma and taste. A must-try for cannabis enthusiasts.

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