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Platinum Jelly


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As an aficionado of the finer strains in life, Platinum Jelly beckons with its alluring charm. Born from a union between Jelly Breath and Platinum strains, this hybrid tantalises with its trichome-draped appearance, an aroma that flits between earthy robustness and fruity exuberance, and a taste that is both rich and nuanced. On the effects front, it navigates the delicate balance between cerebral introspection and deep-rooted relaxation. Whether you’re seeking a sensory journey or therapeutic relief, Platinum Jelly promises a memorable vacation. Dive in deeper to understand the facets of this gem.

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Strain Breakdown


A glance at Platinum Jelly immediately promises a luxurious experience. Boasting a rich and complex look, its leaves are decadently dark, interspersed with striking pistils that flaunt vibrant hues of green, orange, and purple. The undeniable charm lies in its substantial trichome coverage, which cloaks the buds, bestowing them a lighter, almost ethereal appearance with glistening shades of white. However, one might argue that a neater trim could have further elevated its aesthetics, and the buds are slightly drier to the touch than one might expect. Nonetheless, it remains an impressively inviting flower.


The olfactory experience of Platinum Jelly is akin to an opulent dance between earthy and fruity notes. Two distinct phenotypes of this strain grown by Indian Buddha provide contrasting aromatic adventures. The first radiates a robust, gassy aroma punctuated by deep kush earth undertones, hinting at its power. The fourth phenotype, in contrast, mesmerises with an intoxicating grape soda aroma. Breaking open the buds releases these enchanting fragrances, with the grape sweet notes and soda creaminess being particularly prominent in the Platinum Jelly’s aroma.


On the palate, Platinum Jelly doesn’t disappoint. It delights with a smooth, pleasing flavour when smoked and vaped; it’s a terpene symphony. The grape soda flavour of the fourth phenotype is more subdued in a bong, but it bursts forth in a vaporiser, devoid of any sharpness or bitterness. The first phenotype graces the taste buds with a cool smoke that nostalgically evokes memories of Master Kush.


Treading predominantly on the Indica spectrum, Platinum Jelly reserves a corner for an introspective cerebral high. A mere ten minutes post-consumption, one feels a wave of spaciness that gradually mellows down to a comforting kush-rooted relaxation. Despite the impressive THC content (with some phenotypes testing up to 32%), the high is surprisingly manageable, allowing one to carry on with their daily chores after a couple of bowls.


For those with a green thumb, Platinum Jelly offers a moderate challenge. Suited for both indoor and outdoor cultivation, the plant stretches up to 80 inches. A grower can expect yields around 400g per plant with a flowering time between 53 and 61 days, or approximately eight weeks. The buds are small, oval, and fluffy, adorned with olive green hues, thin amber hairs, and a frosty coat of crystal trichomes.


The terpene profile of Platinum Jelly paints a rich tapestry of aromatic compounds that tantalise the senses. Myrcene leads the parade, lending a herby and earthy aroma reminiscent of cloves. Following closely behind, Caryophyllene introduces a spicy and woody nuance, adding depth and warmth. Limonene weaves in a delightful citrus zest, brightening the aromatic blend. The floral whispers of Linalool, the subtle earthiness of Humulene, the fresh scent of Pinene, and the infrequent hints of apple from Terpinolene contribute to the complexity, making Platinum Jelly a masterful blend of nature’s finest fragrances.

Medical Properties

A charmer not just for its recreational prowess, Platinum Jelly has medical potential, too. It doesn’t strike instantly but slowly creeps in, uplifting mood, inspiring creativity, and inducing subtle arousal. This energetic surge can be beneficial for combating fatigue, stress, or even depression. Moreover, it heightens appetite, making it an ally for those grappling with appetite loss.


In the pantheon of strains, Platinum Jelly carves a unique niche. Bred by In House Genetics by fusing Jelly Breath and Platinum cannabis strains, it’s a visual, aromatic, and gustatory delight with profound effects. The robust trichome-covered buds, intriguing colour play, and the signature grape soda aroma make it stand apart. It promises a smooth smoking voyage and a potent yet non-debilitating high. One can’t help but want to revisit the Platinum Jelly experience.

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