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Permanent Marker

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Embark on a sensory journey with the Permanent Marker weed strain, an Indica-dominant hybrid that promises a fulfilling and therapeutic experience. Boasting a visually stunning appearance with bright emerald-green buds contrasted by purple leaves and orange hairs, this strain is a feast for the eyes. The aroma is a captivating blend of spicy diesel, pungent dank, and super sour citrus notes that beckon to the senses. As for the taste, expect a lingering, savoury flavour of soapy funk, complemented by hints of candy, floral gas tones, and a punch of citrusy diesel upon exhale.

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Strain Breakdown


The Permanent Marker weed strain boasts an exquisite appearance that is nothing short of a visual delight. The buds are dense, oversized, shaped like spades, and radiate a bright emerald-green hue. This vibrancy is contrasted by purple leaves, lots of thin orange hairs, and tiny, amber-tinted white crystal trichomes that lend the strain a frosty, jewel-like aspect.


The aroma of Permanent Marker is quite intriguing: a medley of spicy diesel, pungent dank, and super sour citrus notes that beckon to the senses. The soapy, candy, and gassy funk smell, also noted in its parent strains, fully translates into the taste, creating a unique and familiar aromatic experience.


The taste of Permanent Marker is a lingering, savoury flavour of soapy funk, complemented by hints of candy and floral gas tones. The flavour profile is rounded off with a punch of citrusy diesel upon exhale, which adds a refreshing kick to the overall taste experience.


The effects of Permanent Marker are mostly energizing and perfect for daytime relaxation. After just a few tokes, a sense of lifted creativity fills the mind, leading to feelings of happiness and artistic inspiration. This blissful state is accompanied by a slightly weighty sense of calm that helps to settle down and relax without causing too much sedation. The high finishes with a feeling of hunger, leaving one ravenous and ready to get snacking.


The Permanent Marker weed strain was released by the Los Angeles indie brand Doja Exclusive in June 2022 and is bred and grown by Seed Junky Genetics’ JBeezy and selected by Doja Pak. It is a fusion of several well-established cultivars: Biscotti x Jealousy x Sherb Bx—no data recorded regarding its cultivation specifics.


No data recorded.

Medical Properties:

Permanent Marker is an excellent choice for treating several medical conditions due to its high THC level, which averages 34-35%. It is particularly effective in treating chronic fatigue, PMS or cramps, depression or mood swings, and chronic stress or PTSD. However, it is important to seek professional medical advice before using cannabis for any medical condition.


The Permanent Marker weed strain is a stunning and potent indica-dominant hybrid that offers many delightful sensory experiences. From its visually appealing appearance to its complex aroma and flavour profile, it is a strain that promises a fulfilling experience. The energizing effects make it perfect for daytime relaxation, stimulating creativity, and helping with several medical conditions. Overall, Permanent Marker is a remarkable strain that is a must-try for cannabis enthusiasts and medical marijuana patients alike.

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