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Orange Cake (LOT420)


Orange Cake Strain


Orange Cake (LOT420)


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Orange Cake (LOT420) terpenes

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The Orange Cake strain has visually appealing, trichome-coated buds. Its aroma is a citrusy blend with hints of caramelised sugar, and its taste mirrors these characteristics, offering a piney, citrus, and sweet flavour profile. Users often report a sedative, calming effect, potentially useful for stress relief and relaxation. Cultivated indoors by Canada LOT420 and imported by Cantourage in Germany, its quality and potency are consistent. Its terpene profile, including Alpha-Pinene, Beta-Pinene, Myrcene, and Caryophyllene, contributes to its aromatic richness. It may be suitable for addressing stress, anxiety, insomnia, and chronic pain, but mindful consumption is advised due to its high THC content.

Orange Cake (LOT420) strain flavours

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    Strain Breakdown


    Originating from the meticulous cultivation practices of Lot 420’s farms in Canada, the Orange Cake strain presents a bag appeal that is a testament to its quality. The buds are densely packed, showcasing a distinctive structure that immediately catches the eye. A generous dusting of resinous trichomes adorns these buds, giving them a frosted appearance that hints at their high THC potential. The colour palette of Orange Cake is a vibrant mix of copper pistils and white trichomes, with occasional splashes of purple hues adding to its visual allure.


    The smell of Orange Cake is a delightful fusion of citrus and sweetness. The aroma is predominantly citrusy, reminiscent of orange zest, intertwined with hints of caramelised sugar. This combination creates a rich and inviting scent, indicative of the strain’s complex terpene profile. The fragrance is both refreshing and comforting, appealing to those who favour sweet and zesty aromas.


    Orange Cake’s flavour profile mirrors its aromatic characteristics. The primary taste is a blend of piney and citrus notes complemented by a sweet undertone. This flavour palette results from its unique terpene composition, making each inhalation a delightful experience. The piney, citrus, and sweet flavours create a well-rounded and enjoyable taste, appealing to various palates.


    The effects of Orange Cake are typical of an Indica-dominant hybrid. Users commonly report a sedative feeling accompanied by calmness and bliss. This strain may be particularly effective in inducing relaxation and aiding in stress relief. However, its high THC content warrants mindful consumption, as excessive use may lead to heightened sedation.


    Cultivated in Canada by Canada LOT420 and imported by Cantourage in Germany, Orange Cake is an indoor-grown strain. This cultivation method ensures a controlled environment, contributing to the strain’s consistent quality and potency. The careful nurturing of this strain is evident in its robust appearance and rich terpene profile.


    lpha-Pinene and Beta-Pinene, both major terpenes, contribute to its pine and herbal notes. Myrcene, another major terpene, adds herbal and musky undertones, enhancing the strain’s complexity. Caryophyllene introduces a pepper and spice dimension, and Limonene delivers its own citrusy notes. Together, these terpenes create an aromatic experience that is as diverse as it is delightful.

    Medical Properties

    Medically, Orange Cake’s high THC content and unique terpene blend make it suitable for addressing conditions such as stress and anxiety. Its sedative properties may also benefit those seeking relief from insomnia or chronic pain. However, due to its potency, medical users should start with low doses and set aside some time (a doctor may recommend half a day) to get to know this strain’s effects during the first time consuming it.


    In summary, Orange Cake delivers visually appealing buds, a rich aromatic profile, and a complex terpene-led flavour. Its effects are consistent offer relaxation and stress relief. The meticulous cultivation and unique terpene blend make Orange Cake a distinguished choice for both recreational and medical cannabis users.

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