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OG Reek’n terpenes

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Delve deeper into the world of OG Reek’n, a strain that’s made waves in the cannabis community. From its tantalising aroma reminiscent of fuel and OG to its robust THC content that promises a journey of cerebral energy and tranquil calm, there’s much to discover. Whether you’re a seasoned connoisseur or a budding enthusiast, OG Reek’n offers a symphony of experiences waiting to be explored.

Strain Breakdown


OG Reekn flaunts an inviting presentation. Beneath a dense canopy of frosted trichomes, its light green colouration occasionally darkens near previously plucked leaves. Its golden pistils complete the aesthetic, and the buds, though dense, yield effortlessly to a grinder’s embrace.


A symphony of strong olfactory notes awaits anyone privileged enough to get close. The dominant fragrances, suggestive of Fuel, Gas, and OG, envelop the nose, becoming even more pronounced upon breaking the bud. Emanating the depth of its jet-fuel character, OG Reek’n evokes memories of strains like Holy Grail Kush and OG Kush.


The boldness of OG Reekn’s aroma carries into its flavour. Delightfully gassy, each draw through the bong leaves a trail of its robust character, especially on the exhale. Echoes of the beloved Holy Grail strain linger on the palate, a testament to its rich genetic background.


Stepping into the limelight with a THC content averaging between 20-23%, OG Reek’n doesn’t skimp on impact. The initial pull from the bong elevates users, marrying cerebral energy with calming waves that linger for about 15 minutes. As the effects plateau, relaxation reigns, making it hard to resist another hit.


OG Reek’n is described as a strain of medium difficulty to grow. Taking between 65-70 days for flowering, experienced horticulturists will find it a joy to cultivate. Once the flowering phase is complete, growers are rewarded with an abundant harvest.


The terpene profile of OG Reekn is diverse and plays a crucial role in its aromatic experience. Present terpenes include Caryophyllene, Linalool, Bisabolol, Pinene, Limonene, Humulene, Terpineol, and Geraniol.

Medical Properties

Commonly utilised to address a lack of appetite, arthritis, and insomnia, OG Reek’n finds favour among those seeking therapeutic effects from their cannabis consumption.


OG Reek’n, a lovechild of Wardereek’n X Kuchi, is a delightful addition to the cannabis realm. Although it’s a hybrid, the indica dominance shines through, particularly in its effects. Every facet, from its look and aroma to its therapeutic benefits, impresses, making it a must-try for enthusiasts.

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