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OG 18


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OG 18 terpenes

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The OG 18 strain, also revered as “Private Reserve,” is an Indica-dominant masterpiece, presenting a blend of sensations rarely found in other strains. Its aroma, an intoxicating mix of diesel, earth, and pine, captivates instantly, while its taste, a blend of sweet, pine, and lemon, is a treat to the palate. With its therapeutic potential and the promise of a unique high that encompasses powerful euphoria and profound relaxation, OG 18 beckons both the seasoned cannabis enthusiast and the curious newbie.

Strain Breakdown


The OG 18 bud shows meticulous attention to detail in its development and cultivation. The buds are generously sized, coated with resin, and exceptionally dense. They convey a richness of quality not often seen. The careful trim job only reinforces this strain’s high-quality preparation. The intricate details of this bud are evident, even more so under a close-up lens, making one yearn for a better view to capture its intricate beauty.


The nose is greeted with a dominant, almost overpowering aroma when one comes into contact with the OG 18. The notes are distinct – diesel, earth, and pine harmoniously blending, creating an aromatic profile that’s both intense and delightful. There’s a certain potency to its scent that would require meticulous containment to maintain discretion, especially in public spaces.


OG 18 offers a dynamic taste experience. Through a joint, the curing expertise is evident, ensuring a smooth and flavourful experience till the end. The earthy and piney tones are complemented by subtle fruity notes, distinguishing it from the traditional OG Kush. Vaporising this strain accentuates the piney essence, which feels refreshing to the palate. Through a bong, the diesel flavour adds to its intensity, further confirming its unique yet subtly fruity deviation from the OG Kush profile.


When consumed, the OG 18 strain introduces an almost overpowering sense of relaxation, especially for first-time users. Referred to as the ‘Videogame weed’, its effects are profound. The intense relaxation it offers is akin to a full-bodied sedative experience, making it ideal for unwinding after a long day. The potency of this strain stands out, making it suitable for seasoned cannabis enthusiasts looking for a robust experience.


Obtaining OG 18 seeds is relatively straightforward, with online stores being a popular choice. Cultivating the plant, however, demands attention, given its temperamental nature. Its redeeming qualities include mould resistance and a preference for a semi-humid Mediterranean climate. The flowering time is relatively quick at around six weeks, with harvest ready at about nine weeks, offering approximately 400 grams of buds per plant. For those seeking an enhanced yield, a hydroponic setup may be beneficial.


The OG 18 weed strain boasts a dominant terpene: phellandrene. This terpene significantly contributes to the diverse flavour profile of the strain, introducing aromas reminiscent of lemon, skunk, pine, and sweet undertones.

Medical Properties

Many users have reported this strain’s effectiveness in managing various conditions. These include arthritis, chronic pain, depression, inflammation, insomnia, mood swings, and nightmares. However, it’s essential to note that some users have experienced heightened sensory perception and insomnia.


The OG 18 strain, with its multiple monikers like “Private Reserve,” “Reserve OG weed,” and “OG 18,” offers a rich cannabis experience. Its unique Indica-dominant hybrid nature, resulting from a cross between G13 Skunk and Alien Dog, promises an array of sensations, from profound relaxation to bursts of creativity. It is a strain that beckons with its aromatic potency, flavour complexity, and intense effects.

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