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Northern Lights


Northern Lights


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Northern Lights terpenes

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The Northern Lights strain is more than just cannabis; it’s an experience. Imagine a world where every puff transports you to the ethereal beauty of the Scandinavian northern lights. Dive deep into its woodsy and piney aroma, a scent that instantly fills a room with memories of woodland adventures. Taste the complex fusion of earthy tones mixed with a candy-like sweetness, a combination that can only be described as otherworldly. Dive deep into Northern Lights, a strain that promises euphoria, relaxation, and a touch of the great beyond.

Strain Breakdown


The Northern Lights strain showcases an enchanting visual spectacle, much like the celestial display named after. Its dense buds glisten under the light, woven with a tapestry of deep greens and interspersed with auburn pistils. The trichomes add a frosty sheen, reminiscent of the first snow on a winter morning, evoking a sense of wonder in any beholder.


Immersing oneself in the scent of Northern Lights is akin to journeying through a vibrant woodland. Initial wafts promise the rich, earthy fragrances of deep forests, a testament to its robust genetic lineage. As you delve deeper, more nuanced notes present themselves, hinting at an aromatic landscape awaiting exploration.


On the palate, Northern Lights paints an intricate flavour mosaic. Each draw brings a symphony of tastes; from the primary earthy tones that ground the experience, to unexpected hints of sweetness, like a secret forest fruit found on an adventurous trek. The finish leaves a lasting impression, akin to sipping an aged herbal tea under a canopy of trees.


The Northern Lights strain offers a serene embrace, akin to watching its namesake light show in the Arctic sky. Users are cradled in a warm euphoria that blankets the mind, guiding it towards tranquillity. As the experience evolves, there’s a gentle pull towards introspection and relaxation, making it perfect for evening reflection or a night under the stars.


Nurturing the Northern Lights strain is a testament to nature’s wonders. The plant, with its sturdy stalks, thrives under meticulous care, portraying resilience akin to ancient trees weathering storms. As it matures, the leaves tell tales of dedication and patience, eventually rewarding cultivators with bountiful yields, mirroring the generosity of a fruitful harvest season.


Delving into the aromatic core of the Northern Lights’ terpene profile, a fragrant mosaic emerges. At its heart, myrcene, with its earthy aroma, stands as a pillar, flanked by caryophyllene’s peppery undertones and limonene’s citrus zest. Beyond these stalwarts, other terpenes join the symphony, creating an aroma reminiscent of pine trees and forest floors with an unexpected touch of sweetness.

Medical Properties

Northern Lights is not just a sensory marvel but also a beacon of therapeutic promise. Its calming effects have been celebrated for alleviating stress and anxiety. Furthermore, the strain has been reported to provide relief from chronic pain and insomnia, making it a cherished ally in holistic healing circles.


The Northern Lights strain is a masterclass in cannabis excellence. From its mesmerizing appearance to its complex terpene profile, every facet is a testament to nature’s grandeur. Its effects promise a journey of relaxation and introspection, and its medicinal properties stand as a beacon for those seeking natural relief. Northern Lights, in essence, is not just a strain but an experience, one that lingers long after the last draw.

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