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Step into the world of Ninja Fruit, a masterfully crafted strain that promises a sensory feast. Imagine nugs that shimmer like a snow-covered meadow juxtaposed with the refreshing aroma of tropical fruits, berries, and earth. A favourite for daytime enthusiasts, its balanced hybrid effects ensure euphoria and relaxation dance in tandem. Whether seeking relief from ailments or simply desiring an uplifting experience, Ninja Fruit’s fusion of Grape Ape and Grapefruit Haze offers something for everyone.

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Strain Breakdown


The visually striking nugs of the Ninja Fruit strain present themselves as very round, with a captivating deep green hue, brilliantly contrasted by vivid orange pistils. Reminiscent of a winter wonderland, a dense trichome coverage adorns the bud, creating a shimmering white shade that’s evocative of a fresh blanket of snow.


Ninja Fruit tantalises the olfactory senses with its slightly varied scents. Wafts of sweet and spicy tropical fruit are dominant, though intertwined with more subtle notes of earth, berries, and musk. Upon exhaling, a slightly sour undertone makes itself known, yet the aroma remains deliciously balanced.


Its flavour profile stays true to its aroma, offering hints of sweet and spicy tropical fruits. However, as one enjoys the experience, undercurrents of berries and musk become more pronounced, ensuring a palate-pleasing experience throughout.


Ninja Fruit promises a stealthy onset of effects, mirroring the subtlety of a ninja’s approach. Initial feelings of euphoria can pave the way for heightened energy levels, increased focus, and enhanced sociability. As the experience unfolds, relaxation becomes more prominent, possibly accompanied by a surge in appetite. Be cautious, though; its effects might sneak up, potentially leading to unexpected lethargy.


For cultivators eager to hone their skills, Ninja Fruit is a rewarding choice. This robust plant thrives indoors and outdoors, promising a flowering time of around nine weeks. With the right care, cultivators can anticipate medium to large yields.


A veritable symphony of terpenes characterises the Ninja Fruit strain. The dominant terpene, Limonene, brings forth citrusy notes. This is accompanied by Pinene, offering a hint of pine, and Caryophyllene, which adds a peppery touch.

Medical Properties

Given its effects, many medical cannabis consumers seek out Ninja Fruit. It offers moderate relief from various health conditions without causing excessive numbness. The uplifting effects can alleviate stress and depression, while its soothing properties can potentially address pain, inflammation, appetite issues, and nausea.


Ninja Fruit has solidified its position as a favourite for daytime cannabis enthusiasts. This balanced hybrid, resulting from the marriage of Grape Ape and Grapefruit Haze, boasts an incredible flavour profile, coupled with effects that recreational and medical users will cherish. Its average THC content of 15% ensures a potent yet not overwhelming experience, making it a must-try for cannabis connoisseurs.

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