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Mokum’s Tulip


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Dive deep into the world of Mokum’s Tulip, a strain that promises a journey like no other. Born from the keen eye of Dutch Passion’s Head of Genetics, this weed strain marries the sparkling beauty of Gelato with the terpene-rich aroma of Sherbet. Picture yourself strolling through Amsterdam’s famous flower markets, every inhalation reminiscent of the city’s iconic red tulips. But it’s not just the scent that captivates; the taste is an orchestra of creamy, fruity, and spicy notes, singing the song of a rich, fruity gelato. Beyond its sensory wonders, Mokum’s Tulip is a beacon for those seeking solace from life’s stressors. Be it anxiety, stress, or depression, this strain offers a comforting embrace, setting the stage for euphoric tranquillity.

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        Strain Breakdown


        Mokum’s Tulip, a prime creation from Dutch Passion’s travel discovery, radiates exquisite beauty in its aesthetics. The buds are mesmerisingly sparkling and rock hard, catching the eye with remarkable blue tones running through the leaves. The sheer physical allure of this strain is undeniable, reminiscent of the famed tulips for which Amsterdam became renowned.


        The scent of Mokum’s Tulip is a sensory journey into nature’s very own candy store. From the very first whiff, you’re transported to the bustling flower markets of Amsterdam, specifically to a stand selling the most aromatic red tulips. The strain doesn’t merely rest on its floral laurels; it delves deeper into a symphony of sweetness. The intensity of its aroma promises and undoubtedly delivers an olfactory experience par excellence.


        Cascading onto the palate is a flavour profile that mirrors its aromatic charm. Creamy undertones blend seamlessly with fruity zest; all spiced up to craft a taste reminiscent of a delectable fruity gelato. Each inhalation is like a spoonful of the most sumptuous dessert, offering layers of taste that linger and entice long after the session ends.


        Mokum’s Tulip doesn’t merely rely on its visual and gustatory splendour. Its effects are as profound as they are delightful. The onset is dominated by euphoria, blanketing the mind in a haze of happiness. As the euphoric wave peaks, a sense of arousal intensifies the experience. However, while the strain spells ecstasy, one must be wary of side effects such as dry mouth, paranoia, and dry eyes.


        Mokum’s Tulip showcases its indica dominance in its structure, with thick branches stoutly supporting its dense buds. Notably, the strain is generous for cultivators, offering an XXL yield in a cultivation period ranging from 56 to 63 days. While beginners might find it forgiving with no need for special care, growing Mokum’s Tulip outdoors requires vigilance towards humidity levels. A dry, warm climate works wonders for this variety.


        While the exact terpene composition of Mokum’s Tulip remains undisclosed, one can infer from its delectable scent and flavour profile. Dominating the mix could be Limonene, with its refreshingly sweet and fruity undertones. Caryophyllene might be present, too, lending those spicy touches that elevate the taste. Myrcene could be responsible for the creamy base notes, often reminiscent of a luscious fruit gelato.

        Medical Properties:

        Mokum’s Tulip is more than just a sensory delight; it offers therapeutic relief. Those battling the chains of stress, anxiety, and depression might find solace in this strain’s comforting embrace.


        In the vast canvas of cannabis strains, Mokum’s Tulip emerges as an artwork, a blend of sensory delights with therapeutic benefits. From its tulip-like aroma to its gelato-inspired taste, from its euphoria-driven effects to its generous yields, this strain is undoubtedly a gem in the world of cannabis.

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