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Melon Face


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Embark on a journey with Melon Face, a UK-bred cannabis marvel. This strain, with its alluring, vibrant green buds peppered with striking orange pistils, promises more than just visual delight. It beckons with an intense aroma reminiscent of the classic OG but with a twist: hidden undertones of melon and dank fruit. Yet, as the smoke swirls on the palate, it surprises with a fresh menthol taste, creating a delightful juxtaposition against its scent. Beyond its sensory offerings, Melon Face is potent capable of casting a dream-like spell, making it a strain both intriguing and unforgettable.

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Strain Breakdown


Melon Face boasts an organic structure that emanates a naturally-grown aura. Despite the modest size of the sample at hand, one can’t help but notice its sticky texture, hinting at abundant resin content. These buds, meticulously hand-trimmed, parade a mesmerising vibrant green hue. Yet, it’s the vivid orange pistils interlacing this verdant canvas that demand and capture attention.


Taking a whiff of Melon Face transports one to a labyrinth of olfactory pleasures. The dominant sensation is that of an OG-inspired pungent gas underpinned by gluey undertones. It’s a smell that warmly embraces the nostrils. Delving deeper by breaking open the buds reveals hidden layers of scents: a blend of melon and dank fruit notes, culminating in a sweet undertone that delicately balances the spice.


Melon Face is a gustatory delight. Contrary to its unique aroma, the first puff delivers a taste reminiscent of fresh menthol, offering a cooling flavour. This contrast between aroma and taste not only piques curiosity but also underscores the strain’s multifaceted profile. While a longer cure might enhance the depth of flavours, the smoothness of the smoke, punctuated by its intriguing notes, makes for a captivating experience.


This UK-bred hybrid strain, a fusion of Chocolope and Star Killer brings forth a potent high that lingers for hours. For the uninitiated, Melon Face can induce a dream-like state, making mundane activities, like a casual dog walk, seem like a vivid adventure. Ideal for daytime consumption, its effects might be potent enough to deter some from engaging in rigorous tasks. But for others, the euphoric embrace it offers could be the perfect mid-day elixir.


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Melon Face, a 2020 UK-made hybrid, promises a distinctive experience for cannabis enthusiasts. While its visually arresting appearance and pungent aroma create a lasting first impression, it’s the strain’s contrasting taste and potent effects that truly set it apart. Bred by Highpants Genetics, it’s a testament to the innovative spirit of cannabis cultivators and an intriguing addition to any connoisseur’s collection.

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