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Mataro Blue


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Mataro Blue terpenes

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Embark on an aromatic journey with Mataro Blue, a strain that seduces the nose and palate with its sweet, piney, and berry undertones. An Indica-dominant hybrid, its tranquil effects promise a relaxing body while the mind remains sharp and focused. Whether seeking relief from pain or just a leisurely evening, Mataro Blue is an experience waiting to be savoured.

Strain Breakdown


Though Mataro Blue might not initially catch your eye with its superior bag appeal, it presents an alluring sight with its shimmering trichomes and enchanting light green shade. One might discern an old-school Indica essence in its slightly leafy presentation compared to other finely-trimmed strains.


The strain graces one’s olfactory senses with a delightful piney, sweet, and berry aroma. Notably, distinct blueberry notes mixed with sweet pine become even more prominent when the bud is cracked open. The full strength of its fragrance, particularly after grinding, stands out as one of the most captivating cannabis-inspired scents in recent memory.


The berry and pine flavour profile of the Mataro Blue is nothing short of exquisite. Whether savoured through a bong or relished as a rolled joint, the taste remains consistently delightful, intensifying with the joint’s progress. Even days after the experience, one can almost recollect its irresistible taste.


Kannabia Seeds’ Mataro Blue doesn’t aim for potency but achieves an enjoyable moderate high with a THC level ranging around 15-17%. The effects are noticeable but pleasant. It induces a relaxing body while retaining clarity of mind, making it suitable for moderate pain relief without hampering daily activities. Although there’s a slight uplifting sensation, it primarily offers a body-led high.


The flowering time for Mataro Blue lies between 67 to 78 days, with a harvest time of around 85 days. As a photoperiod type, its indoor height is estimated between 60-80 inches, producing a yield of about 0.5 – 1 Oz/Ft². Outdoors, the yield can go up to 10 – 15 Oz/plant.


Mataro Blue boasts an intricate blend of terpenes, contributing to its distinct aroma and potential therapeutic properties. Dominating the profile is Myrcene, known for its earthy and musky notes. Caryophyllene follows closely, introducing a spicy touch, while Limonene offers a hint of citrus freshness. Linalool, with its floral nuances, merges seamlessly with the subtle woodiness of Humulene. Lastly, Pinene adds a dash of refreshing pine to this captivating concoction.

Medical Properties

This strain offers potential relief for a variety of ailments, including insomnia, stress, fibromyalgia, lack of appetite, migraines, bipolar disorder, phantom limb pain, arthritis, PTSD, and general pain.


Mataro Blue, an Indica-dominant hybrid, is a delightful gem. Despite not being the most potent on the market, its unique scent, flavour, and effects set it apart. With origins tracing back to Brazil and India, this strain stands as a testament to the wonders of cannabis genetics.

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