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In the vast world of cannabis, few strains shine as luminously as the LSD strain. Imagine holding a gem, reflecting nature’s richest hues – that’s the appearance of the LSD bud. Its unique triangular shape, set against vibrant pistils and shimmering trichomes, is a visual feast. But it doesn’t just stop at enchanting your eyes.

Take a moment, close your eyes and let its aroma captivate you. A skunky aroma, intertwined with sweet notes, offers an olfactory experience so profound it feels like rediscovering the sense of smell. And then, there’s the taste. A draw from a bong unfurls its rich flavours, reminiscent of its skunky scent but with a softness that caresses the palate.

However, what truly sets the LSD strain apart is its effects. A euphoric journey that lifts the spirits, while an indica-driven relaxation ensures you remain grounded. It’s this duality of experience that makes it a favourite among many. For cultivators, this strain is akin to a loyal companion. Robust, disease-resistant, and offering bountiful yields, it’s a joy to grow. If one were to sum it up, the LSD strain is not just cannabis; it’s an experience waiting to unfold.

Strain Breakdown


The enchanting allure of the LSD cannabis strain immediately captivates the observer. Its buds flaunt a unique curved triangular silhouette reminiscent of opulent gemstones hiding in nature’s pockets. The colours radiate richer hues, compared to other cannabis strains, as if soaked in nature’s palette. The dazzling trichomes shine with a hint of cloudiness, while the vivacious pistils stand out in stark contrast. The occasional hexagonal-shaped bud might contain a few residual leaves, but they are so minimal that they are hardly worth mentioning.


Ah, the olfactory delight that the LSD strain offers is nothing short of a gourmet experience. Its rich and intricate fragrance is akin to a seasoned tapestry woven with skunky aromas. But there’s a twist. Upon cracking open a nugget, a delectable smell escapes as if unlocking a treasure chest of aromas. The grounding scent of Skunk No.1 blended with a hint of sweet undertones is evident, especially when the strain is ground, intensifying the olfactory experience tenfold.


Sampling the LSD cannabis is like embarking on a gastronomic adventure. Drawing from a bong reveals the strain’s generosity, rewarding the consumer with a smooth, flavourful hit which gracefully dances with the skunky aroma felt earlier in its smell.


“0 to 7 in moments” might sound like the acceleration of a supercar, but it aptly describes the swift impact of the LSD strain. The cerebral effects are profound, injecting waves of uplifting sensations while grounding the user with an indica-centric relaxation.


LSD is a gift to cultivators. Developed by Barneys Farm and boasting genetics from Mazar-I-Sharif and Skunk #1, it displays formidable disease resistance. The plant flourishes in varied environments, ensuring a generous yield of around 600 grams per square metre and a flowering period of a mere 8-9 weeks.


In the vibrant tapestry of terpenes, myrcene shines the brightest in the LSD strain. Following closely are caryophyllene, lending a peppery touch, and limonene, gifting a splash of citrusy freshness.

Medical Properties

Turning to cannabis for relief? The LSD strain might be the elixir you seek. It has garnered praise for alleviating stress, depression, and anxiety.


The LSD strain is a masterpiece in the world of cannabis. With a lineage tracing back to Mazar-I-Sharif and Skunk #1, it promises an experience that’s both euphoric and grounding. Its distinctive appearance, mesmerising smell, and unparalleled taste make it a top choice for enthusiasts. Whether you’re cultivating or consuming, LSD is bound to captivate.

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