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Liberty Haze


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Discover the alluring world of Liberty Haze, a cannabis strain that captivates with its sparkling lime-green buds and red hairs. The refreshing lime aroma and zesty taste create an immersive experience, making each session a journey of sensory delight. Picture yourself unwinding as the strain’s uplifting effects elevate your mood, sparking creativity and happiness.

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Strain Breakdown


Liberty Haze, a hybrid cannabis strain, presents an aesthetic symphony to the observer. The buds manifest in a captivating lime-green hue, heavily encrusted with crystals, giving them a sparkling allure. Adorned with vibrant red hairs, these buds are not only visually striking but also indicate the richness and quality of the strain. Medium-tall and bushy, Liberty Haze carries an elegance that is both striking and inviting.


The olfactory experience of Liberty Haze is nothing short of exhilarating. A predominant lime aroma, sharp and refreshing, greets the senses initially. This citrus fragrance is underpinned by earthy notes, creating a complex and invigorating aroma profile. The scent is reminiscent of a fresh lime grove, awakening and invigorating the senses.


Liberty Haze tantalises the palate with a taste that expertly mirrors its olfactory offerings. The primary flavour is a bright and zesty lime, followed by subtler undertones of lemon and a spicy/herbal finish. This combination delivers a flavour experience that is both refreshing and deeply satisfying, leaving a memorable aftertaste that invites further exploration.


The effects of Liberty Haze are as dynamic as its taste. Users report a feeling of elevated energy, creativity, and happiness, making it a choice strain for uplifting the mood. It’s especially favoured for its ability to counteract stress, depression, and anxiety, providing a cerebral sativa influence that is both calming and energizing. However, users should be aware of potential feelings of anxiousness or dizziness, particularly with higher doses.


Cultivating Liberty Haze can be an enriching experience for growers. This strain is known for its medium growth height and bushy appearance, making it suitable for spaces with height restrictions. It flourishes into long, tightly packed colas brimming with dense buds. During its flowering period, which lasts about 8-9 weeks, it showcases a beautiful display of red and purple colours. Yielding up to 600 gr/m² indoors, it’s a generous producer, rewarding growers with abundant harvests.


The terpene profile of Liberty Haze is a delightful fusion of nature’s aromatic offerings. Dominant in the mix is Limonene, imparting a sharp citrus scent that energises the senses. Caryophyllene follows, contributing a peppery nuance that adds depth and complexity. Myrcene rounds out the profile with its herbal, earthy undertones, creating a well-balanced and inviting aroma.

Medical Properties

Medically, Liberty Haze is lauded for its psychological benefits. Its uplifting and focusing effects make it a potential aid for those with attention deficit disorders, stress, and depression. Its anti-inflammatory properties may also provide relief for minor aches and pains, as well as for stomach irritations. However, it’s advisable for users with a low THC tolerance or those prone to paranoia to approach this strain cautiously.


In conclusion, Liberty Haze stands out as a hybrid cannabis strain with a unique blend of invigorating effects, enticing flavours, and visual appeal. Its ability to elevate mood and stimulate creativity, along with its ease of cultivation and significant medical benefits, makes it a highly sought-after strain. Liberty Haze is indeed an exceptional choice for both recreational and medical cannabis users.

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