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Prepare to be enchanted by the King’s Juice weed strain, a regal combination of Mimosa and King’s Kush that delights the senses with its stunning appearance, complex aroma, and satisfying taste. As the flowering stage progresses, the plants transform into an astonishing sight, adorned with trichomes and exhibiting the colours of fall. The aroma perfectly balances floral notes with citrusy and earthy touches reminiscent of freshly squeezed fruit juice. The taste profile is a bubbly blend of citrus, fruit, and earth flavours, lingering in the mouth long after exhaling and creating a deeply satisfying sensation.

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Strain Breakdown


The King’s Juice cannabis strain showcases a stunning coney/piney type of growth. It features a long main cola rising higher than the sides, with secondary branches forming a beautiful crown around it. As flowering progresses, most plants exhibit beautiful reddish/violet hues, transforming them into an astonishing sight once covered in trichomes with the colours of fall.


The aroma of the flowers perfectly balances the floral notes of the mimosa with an added citrusy/earthy touch from the Kush ancestors, resulting in an incredibly complex fragrance reminiscent of fresh fruit juice.


The taste profile of the King’s Juice weed strain consists of a bubbly palate of citrus, fruit, and earth flavours. This multifaceted taste lingers in the mouth long after exhaling, creating a deeply satisfying sensation.


The effects of King’s Juice are well-balanced for all-day use, producing an uplifting head buzz while keeping the body light and active.


Cultivating King’s Juice involves a significant stretch during the flowering time, with the plant doubling in size during the first few weeks. The growth is vigorous, with steady branches. The plants are suitable for indoor, outdoor, and greenhouse cultivation.


No data recorded.

Medical Properties:

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King’s Juice is a splendid hybrid cannabis strain from a cross between Mimosa and King’s Kush. It exhibits a beautiful appearance, complex aroma, satisfying taste, and balanced effects. Although specific terpenes and medical properties are not recorded, the taste and effects suggest potential stress and anxiety relief benefits.

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