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Granola Funk isn’t just another cannabis strain—it’s an experience. Right from its arresting appearance, laden with shimmering trichomes, to its multifaceted aroma that blends breakfast nostalgia with edgy gassy undertones, every aspect promises intrigue. Whether you’re seeking therapeutic benefits or a recreational high that takes you on a unique introspective journey, Granola Funk, with its high THC potency, is a strain you’d be remiss to overlook. Dive into this comprehensive review to understand what sets Granola Funk apart and why it’s been the talk of the town.

Strain Breakdown


Granola Funk showcases an arresting visage, complete with meticulously formed buds reflecting aspects of the intricate Girl Scout Cookies lineage. A heavy cloak of trichomes provides a shimmering touch, with the buds demonstrating impeccable density. The rich hues and intricate layouts of the bracts seen in Girl Scout Cookies have their echo in Granola Funk, though the tones are a tad milder.


Granola Funk greets one’s olfactory senses with an intoxicating blend. The nutty undertones that might remind one of breakfast bars are dominant, but there’s more. The rich aroma of cookies mingles with a distinct gassy edge, rounded off by skunky and piney notes, particularly after grinding.


The scent profile seamlessly transitions to its palate. An unmistakable blend of earthy, nutty, and buttery nuances dances on the tongue, punctuated by sporadic bursts of gas. The terpenes shine through, particularly during combustion, presenting sinus-easing properties and notable migraine relief.


A perfectly balanced hybrid, Granola Funk promises a medley of effects. With THC levels hovering around 27%, the onset is swift. Users report a simultaneous lift in mood and relaxation. This strain offers an introspective high, contrasting with the typically cerebral or body-dominated ones.


Acquiring Granola Funk seeds might prove a challenge, given their rarity in local dispensaries. However, the thought of nurturing this strain at home has many green thumbs intrigued. Seasoned cultivators suggest a flowering period of 56-72 days. These plants, with their compact golden buds, tinged with purple, are ready for harvest by day 79.


The dominant terpene in Granola Funk is caryophyllene, delivering spicy, peppery notes that may have anti-inflammatory effects. Limonene provides a citrusy zest, while myrcene introduces herbal tones.

Medical Properties

Granola Funk, owing to its high THC levels and diverse effects, has carved a niche in treating a range of medical conditions. From stress, ADHD, and bipolar disorder to migraines, fatigue, and muscle spasms, this strain offers relief. It’s also sought after for its potential in addressing anxiety and appetite issues.


Granola Funk, a masterful creation by Bodhi Seeds, beautifully marries the Girl Scout Cookes (Forum Cut) with Wookie #15. With its enticing aroma, complex flavour profile, and myriad effects, it promises a cannabis experience like no other.

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