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Ghost Train Haze (Aurora Pedanios T22)


Ghost Train Haze Medical


Ghost Train Haze (Aurora Pedanios T22)


Medical cannabis is legal in the UK. Releaf, our trusted partner, offers consultations and delivery of medical cannabis directly to your door.

Ghost Train Haze (Aurora Pedanios T22) terpenes

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Ghost Train Haze is a cannabis strain which carries an enchanting blend of piney sweetness and citrus tang, bred by the esteemed Rare Dankness in the United States. This strain is a fragrant delight, cloaked in crystal trichomes that glint under the light. Venture a taste, and its flavour promises an odyssey that pays homage to its OG lineage while delighting with the zest of pine. But be warned, Ghost Train Haze doesn’t merely entertain the senses. It packs a potent punch, marrying the uplifting euphoria of Sativas with the comforting embrace of Indicas.

Ghost Train Haze (Aurora Pedanios T22) strain flavours

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Strain Breakdown


The luminous buds of Ghost Train Haze appear as if a winter wonderland has kissed them, blanketed under a pristine layer of white, crystal-capped trichomes. These lush green nuggets are plump and robust, standing testament to their potency. Each bud is intricately woven with delicate orange hairs, depicting nature’s grandeur. Even from a distance, the dense formation of these buds promises a rich experience for any cannabis connoisseur.


Ghost Train Haze’s aroma is a delightful sweet and piney undertones concoction. There’s a conspicuous whiff of citrus, hinting at the presence of lemon, which mingles seamlessly with subtle spicy notes. Breaking up the bud releases an overpowering hazy aroma that fills the room, making it impossible to resist its beckoning.


When it comes to flavour, Ghost Train Haze offers a true symphony for the taste buds. It carries OG’s rich, authentic taste but is accentuated by a sharp, sweet pine flavour. As the smoke caresses the palate, you’re transported to a forest, revelling in its freshness and vitality.


Ghost Train Haze is legendary for its formidable potency. While it imbues the user with a burst of energy and uplifting euphoria characteristic of sativas, its power can manifest as a cerebral haziness in larger doses. Novice users and even seasoned cannabis enthusiasts often describe its effects as bordering on the psychedelic. It perfectly marries the heady euphoria of a Sativa with the encompassing body stone of an Indica. However, moderation is key to maintaining an active and productive day.


Ghost Train Haze thrives in warm climates, with the potential to deliver abundant yields outdoors. However, cultivators needn’t fret if they lack outdoor space. This strain also flourishes indoors, maturing over a 65 to 80-day flowering period. Given its generous yield, compelling strength, and extended shelf life, Ghost Train Haze is an outstanding pick for intermediate growers.


Ghost Train Haze’s terpene profile is an enchanting journey through the aromatic wonders of nature. Towering above all is Terpinolene, presenting a fruity aura reminiscent of apples, lilacs, and nutmeg. Limonene graces this mix with a zesty citrus charm, while Myrcene introduces its signature herbal touch. Collectively, these terpenes construct an olfactory narrative as multifaceted and captivating as Ghost Train Haze itself.

Medical Properties

Beyond its recreational appeal, Ghost Train Haze is a balm for many ailments. It alleviates the symptoms of cancer, notably pain, and stimulates appetite. It offers solace to those grappling with depression and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. Additionally, it has applications for glaucoma patients and in milder doses, can benefit those with Attention Deficit Disorder and Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder.


Bred by the illustrious Rare Dankness, Ghost Train Haze has rightfully earned its accolades and respect in the cannabis community. This sativa-dominant wonder, a cross between Neville’s Wreck and Ghost OG, is not just a treat for the senses but a testament to the therapeutic potential of cannabis. While it beckons with its promise of euphoria, caution is advised to harness its benefits optimally.

Medical Cannabis is legal on prescription in the UK. Releaf offers specialist appointments with doctors who understand cannabis Learn More

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