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French Cookies is a distinct cannabis strain characterised by green and purple buds and a trichome coating. It has a cookie-like aroma and a taste that combines creaminess with a hint of spice. Medically, This strain is known for providing a balanced high that can enhance focus and creativity, and it’s often utilised for stress and anxiety management. Its terpene profile includes Caryophyllene, known for its spicy attributes, and Limonene, recognised for its citrusy undertones.

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Strain Breakdown


French Cookies cannabis strain features minty green and purple buds with a noticeable trichome coating. Orange hairs are interwoven with purple leaves, adding to its distinct look. The dense, resin-rich flowers display a range of colors, from yellows to greens, with purple highlights, indicating careful cultivation.


The aroma of French Cookies is reminiscent of traditional cookies, providing a familiar scent.


The flavor profile of French Cookies includes a creamy, buttery cookie taste with a subtle hint of spice.


This Sativa-dominant strain provides a balanced high. Users often report increased focus and creativity. Despite a potent THC content between 15% to 23%, French Cookies typically induces a calm, clear state, making it suitable for use during the day when relaxation is needed.


The unique appearance and high resin content of French Cookies suggest detailed cultivation. The vibrant colours indicate a controlled and nourishing growth environment.


The terpene profile of French Cookies includes Caryophyllene, which adds a spicy warmth; Limonene, contributing a citrus undertone; and Humulene, which provides earthy nuances.

Medical Properties

French Cookies are known for their medicinal properties, including inducing happiness and focus, making it a potential option for those dealing with depression and anxiety. It may also provide relief for those with ADHD, migraines, or chronic fatigue.


French Cookies is a cannabis strain known for its distinct appearance, cookie-like aroma, and flavour. It offers a balanced high and has potential therapeutic properties, making it a notable strain in the cannabis community.

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