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Medical cannabis is legal in the UK. Releaf, our trusted partner, offers consultations and delivery of medical cannabis directly to your door.

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Delve deep into the captivating world of Farm Gas, a unique strain exuding vibrant visual aesthetics and an eclectic aroma. Grown with precision under Aurora’s renowned Craft Program, this strain is a fusion of meticulous cultivation and nature’s splendour. The bright, effulgent buds coated with trichomes and the tantalising aroma of kerosene, diesel, intermingled with sweet fruity undertones, beckon for an exploration. The Farm Gas weed strain promises not only a delightful sensory experience but also profound therapeutic benefits. Dive in, and let Farm Gas take you on an unforgettable journey.

Medical Cannabis is legal on prescription in the UK. Releaf offers specialist appointments with doctors who understand cannabis Learn More

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Farm Gas
Mamedica, Curaleaf

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Strain Breakdown


Farm Gas is an entrancing masterpiece to behold. Upon observation, it unveils an array of vibrant visual aesthetics. Picture bright, effulgent buds generously blanketed in sticky trichomes. As if painted by nature itself, the mint-greens dance in harmony with delicate lavender hues. This beautiful tapestry of colours is not only visually captivating but is also an indicator of the strain’s prime quality and careful cultivation.


Delving into the scent profile of Farm Gas cannabis, it is an olfactory sensation. Strong, dominant notes of kerosene, diesel, and gas pierce through, evoking memories of long road trips and warm summer drives. However, as the strong scent simmers down, the nasal cavities are treated to a slightly sweet fragrance with fruity undertones reminiscent of sherbet, making for an intriguing and captivating aromatic journey.


Farm Gas weed strain is not to be underestimated when it comes to its flavour profile. Initially, the palate is graced with hints of kerosene and diesel. But as one delves deeper into the experience, a curious chem taste emerges, subtly making its presence known. The finale is where the magic truly happens: a slightly sweet finish that tickles the taste buds with fruit sherbet undertones. This is a taste odyssey from start to finish, giving the user an eclectic mix of bold and delicate.


Farm Gas is renowned for its array of beneficial effects. Primarily, it’s acclaimed for its pain-relieving attributes. But that’s not all; its potent anti-inflammatory and anxiolytic properties lend themselves in aiding those battling sleep disorders, stress, and depression. This is not merely a strain for recreational pleasure, but one that can truly make a difference in one’s well-being.


Born out of Aurora’s distinguished Craft Program, Farm Gas epitomises premium craft cannabis strains cultivated under stringent standards. This batch of Farm Gas has been nurtured with utmost care at Aurora’s Ridge facility, having been grown, hang dried, hand finished, and hand bottled to ensure superior quality.


Farm Gas’s terpene profile is nothing short of a mesmerising bouquet. Dominating this aromatic profile is Limonene, presenting a refreshing citrus fragrance, evoking the sensation of walking amidst a citrus grove. Caryophyllene follows closely, its earthy notes harmonising beautifully with Limonene’s zest, proving its therapeutic properties in battling sleep disorders, stress, and depression. Together, these terpenes conjure an aromatic delight that encapsulates the essence of Farm Gas.

Medical Properties:

Medicinally, Farm Gas is a strain to reckon with. Its profound pain-relieving, anti-inflammatory, and anxiolytic properties make it invaluable for those in need. Especially, those combating sleep disturbances, overwhelming stress, and depressive moods have found solace in this particular strain.


In conclusion, Farm Gas cannabis stands tall amongst its peers. Its breath-taking appearance, distinctive smell, and eclectic taste combined with its potent effects, meticulous cultivation, and therapeutic benefits make it a strain that demands attention. A product of Aurora’s expert Genetics and Breeding team, it’s no wonder that Farm Gas has cemented its position in the world of premium cannabis.

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