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Early Skunk


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Early Skunk terpenes

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The Early Skunk weed strain is an enchanting blend of Skunk #1 and Early Pearl, resulting in a well-balanced 65% Indica and 35% Sativa genetics. Cultivators adore this strain’s resilience, suitability for cold climates, and impressive yields. Users cherish its moderate potency, making it ideal for daytime consumption, offering a perfect blend of cerebral upliftment and soothing relaxation. With its delightful earthy and floral aroma, complemented by a tantalising flavour profile, Early Skunk stands out as a strain worth every connoisseur’s attention.

Strain Breakdown


The Early Skunk weed strain stands out with its smaller buds, which are meticulously trimmed. After an extended curing, these buds turn bone dry, maintaining a significant density upon squeeze. The bud is draped with vivid orange pistils, and trichomes that blanket the bud are evident to the naked eye.


Unlike its Skunk No.1 heritage, the aroma of Early Skunk cannabis is not extremely spicy. However, it gives off an inviting earthy and floral scent with a hint of sweetness. When broken apart, it unleashes a more intense, old-school aroma.


When consumed, the Early Skunk weed strain offers a delightful flavour profile, enriched by its prolonged curing process. One can experience a fusion of its sweet notes coupled with the familiar spice.


For those seeking a balanced high, Early Skunk is the answer. With its 65% Indica and 35% Sativa genetics, it produces a balanced experience. While not overwhelmingly potent, it’s ideal for daytime use. Users often feel an uplifting cerebral buzz complemented by the serene relaxation typical of hybrid and indica strains.


Cultivating the Early Skunk cannabis strain is an effortless task, especially enticing for novices. This hardy plant showcases resistance against mould and flourishes in colder outdoor environments. When grown outdoors, the plant can achieve impressive heights, especially during its flowering phase, which lasts between 55 to 65 days.


Early Skunk boasts a varied terpene profile, which you can find listed on this page.

Helps With

This strain’s potential medical properties may offer relief from conditions like stress and eye pressure.


Early Skunk, an Indica-dominant hybrid, promises an exquisite blend of taste and effects. Its unique combination of Skunk #1 and Early Pearl genetics makes it a sought-after strain, delivering a high that balances relaxation with cerebral stimulation. With its easy cultivation process and impressive yield, Early Skunk is a favourite among novice and seasoned growers.

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