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Journey into the world of Cub Scout Cookies, a Sativa-dominant wonder that promises an array of delightful sensations. This strain is a sensory delight from its vibrant green appearance, reminiscent of the world’s most lush cannabis-growing regions, to its captivating scent of honey, vanilla, and rose. With each puff, experience a symphony of grape, nutty, and floral flavours while embarking on an enthralling voyage of creativity, focus, and relaxation. Bred by the esteemed CannaVenture, Cub Scout Cookies is more than just a cannabis strain; it’s an experience waiting to be savoured.

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Strain Breakdown


With its glorious shade of green, Cub Scout Cookies seemingly paints an image of the lush cannabis-growing valleys of Afghanistan, Nepal, South Africa, and the United States – its storied places of origin. The strain glistens under the light, perhaps promising the enthralling experience it’s famed for.


The first impression of Cub Scout Cookies is its delightful and multifaceted aroma. Wafts of sweet honey and the seductive allure of vanilla beckon the senses, while subtle notes of rose create a rich and aromatic bouquet. Yet, there’s a surprise, as a sudden whiff of nutty undertones adds an earthy balance to the otherwise sweet fragrance.


Cub Scout Cookies is nothing short of an opulent treat on the palate. The mellow notes of nutty goodness enhance the dominant taste of juicy and sweet grapes. Hints of honey sweeten the deal, followed by the ethereal touch of rose. To finish, the smooth flavour of vanilla lingers, making for a memorable aftertaste.


Cub Scout Cookies takes you on a journey of heightened sensations. As a Sativa-dominant hybrid, its effects begin with making one talkative, almost setting the stage for lively discussions and laughter. Users often find themselves giggling away with a heightened sense of focus. This strain fosters creativity and concentration, perfect for artistic endeavours or tasks requiring meticulous attention. Feelings of calm punctuate this experience, ensuring a relaxed state of mind. Moreover, some users have mentioned a tingly sensation, suggesting a physical relaxation accompanying the mental stimulation.


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Cub Scout Cookies’ terpene profile paints a vivid tapestry of nature’s aromatic delights. Dominating the mix is Pinene, bestowing a refreshing pine scent reminiscent of vast coniferous forests. Linalool follows closely, known for its gentle, floral undertones, often evoking memories of blossoming spring gardens. Caryophyllene lends a spicy touch, giving the strain a refreshing kick. Bisabolol brings forward delicate sweetness, grounding the overall aroma. Together, these terpenes craft an olfactory journey as diverse and delightful as the strain.

Medical Properties:

Beyond recreational use, Cub Scout Cookies stands out for its therapeutic properties. Commonly utilised for conditions like ADD/ADHD, multiple sclerosis, and anxiety, this strain seems to offer relief to many. It has also shown potential in alleviating fatigue and the rare condition of phantom limb pain.


In essence, Cub Scout Cookies is a marvel in the world of cannabis. From its beguiling scent to its varied medical applications, it offers both recreation and relief. Bred by the renowned CannaVenture, it’s no wonder that this strain has garnered attention. Its taste profile, intertwined with its captivating effects, ensures that once you’ve tried Cub Scout Cookies, it will indubitably be a strain you’ll want to revisit.

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