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Crushed Berries


Crushed Berries


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Crushed Berries terpenes

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If you’re a fan of all things berry and luscious, then Crushed Berries is the right treat for your senses. Just picture this: robust little buds that wear a rather fetching shade of blue-green. Throw in some brilliant orange threads dancing through the mix, and it’s like autumn captured in a nugget! And if that wasn’t enough to excite you, the whole shebang is sprinkled with these tiny, shimmering trichomes that look like morning frost.

On the sniff test, it’s a proper delight – think of wandering through a berry patch with a surprise kick of spicy pepper and, well, a hint of that classic skunky aroma we’ve all come to know and, dare I say, love? The taste? It’s like tucking into a bowl of blueberries and cherries with just a smidge of earthy goodness. And let’s talk about how it feels. After a few moments, you’re in for a lovely, light-headed buzz that feels like you’re floating on a cloud. This gentle wave of happiness soon becomes a snug blanket of relaxation, making it spot-on for a cosy evening. Considering it’s got a THC level that flirts between 18-20%, it’s a top pick for those wanting a break from life’s niggles, be it stress, aches, or just overthinking things. And if you’ve been counting sheep to get some kip, this might be the trick! Growing it might require a bit of a green thumb, but hey, where’s the fun without a challenge? So, in a nutshell, Crushed Berries is like that comfy jumper you reach for on a nippy evening – warm, familiar and oh-so-welcoming.

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Crushed Berries strain possible side effects**

    Strain Breakdown


    Crushed Berries exhibit dense and heavy spade-shaped buds with a blue-green colouration. The nugs are adorned with thick orange hairs and possess dark olive undertones. A generous dusting of tiny, blue-white crystal trichomes adds to its visual appeal.


    Crushed Berries entice the senses with a fresh, fruity aroma reminiscent of berries. The scent is accompanied by a punch of spicy black pepper and a hint of savoury skunkiness, creating an intriguing and complex olfactory experience.


    True to its name, Crushed Berries offers a delightful flavour profile. The sweet and fruity essence of blueberries takes the forefront, accompanied by notes of cherries. These delectable fruit flavours are complemented by a touch of fresh earthiness, enhancing the overall taste experience.


    Upon consumption, Crushed Berries initiate a gradual onset of effects. A few minutes after the final toke, a lifted sense of happiness engulfs the mind, erasing any lingering anxieties or stressors. This euphoric state is followed by a soothing body high that gently spreads throughout the limbs and spine. As the body relaxes, a lightly buzzy sensation ensues, inducing a state of pure ease and relaxation. With its average THC level ranging from 18-20%, Crushed Berries are commonly chosen to alleviate conditions such as chronic stress, anxiety, depression, chronic pain, and insomnia or nightmares.


    Cultivating Crushed Berries requires attention to detail. As an Indica-dominant hybrid, it thrives in an environment conducive to growth. Proper care and maintenance will yield satisfying results.


    The fruity berry notes indicate the presence of terpenes such as myrcene and limonene, which are commonly found in berry-scented strains.

    Medical Properties

    Crushed Berries are often sought after for their potential therapeutic benefits. It is frequently utilised to alleviate chronic stress, anxiety, depression, chronic pain, and sleep-related issues such as insomnia or nightmares. However, it is worth noting that specific medical claims and supporting evidence for Crushed Berries are not provided in the given text.


    Crushed Berries, also known as “Crushed Berry,” is an Indica-dominant hybrid renowned for its sweet fruity flavour and soothing high. With its delicious combination of blueberry and cherry notes, it offers an enticing taste experience. The effects of Crushed Berries include a lifted sense of happiness and a calming body high, promoting relaxation and ease. This strain is often chosen to address conditions such as chronic stress, anxiety, depression, chronic pain, and sleep disturbances. Its visually appealing dense buds, with their blue-green hue and thick orange hairs, are further complemented by a coating of delicate crystal trichomes. While specific cultivation details are not provided, proper care and attention are required for successful cultivation. Overall, Crushed Berries presents a delightful option for those seeking a late-night treat and a reprieve from daily stressors.

    Medical Cannabis is legal on prescription in the UK. Releaf offers specialist appointments with doctors who understand cannabis Learn More

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