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Cherry Pie


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Cherry Pie terpenes

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Discover the exquisite world of Cherry Pie, a cannabis strain that masterfully blends the art of aroma, flavour, and effect. Picture yourself holding a bud of Cherry Pie: dense, adorned with orange hairs and purple hints, sparkling with trichomes. As you bring it closer, a sweet cherry fragrance, intertwined with earthy, spicy undertones, fills the air, hinting at the rich experience awaiting you.

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Strain Breakdown


Cherry Pie, a hybrid strain with a visually arresting presence, embodies an intricate blend of indica and sativa characteristics. Its buds, dense and full, are adorned with a captivating array of orange hairs against a backdrop of purple hues. This mesmerising colour palette is further enhanced by a dense coating of translucent white trichomes, lending the buds a lustrous, almost silver sheen. The tightly curled leaves, predominantly mossy green, occasionally reveal flashes of purple, a nod to its Granddaddy Purple heritage. The overall appearance of Cherry Pie is not just a feast for the eyes but a prelude to the multisensory experience it offers.


Upon first encounter, Cherry Pie greets the olfactory senses with a complex and inviting aroma. The dominant fragrance is a sweet and rich cherry, underscored by light herbal and floral notes. This initial sweetness is punctuated by dank, hashy undertones, which become more pronounced upon grinding the buds. The smell is an intricate dance between sweet and earthy, a harmonious blend that beckons further exploration into its taste and effects.


The taste of Cherry Pie is as delightful as its aroma suggests. When combusted, it reveals a smooth smoke that is remarkably easy on the palate. The primary flavour is a toasted, biscuity sweetness with a hint of cherries. This sweet profile is beautifully balanced by more subtle notes of spices and a faint, floral aftertaste. Each puff of Cherry Pie is a delectable journey, one that resonates with both novice and experienced consumers alike.


The effects of Cherry Pie are predominantly cerebral, offering a slow-mounting high that gently eases users into a state of relaxation. Initially, it brings a mild pressure in the sinuses, soon dissolving tension and facilitating deep, easy breathing. The strain’s sativa side gradually emerges, enhancing sensory perception and fostering a creative, analytical mindset. This combination of mental clarity and physical relaxation makes Cherry Pie a versatile choice for various activities, from deep thought and concentration to physical exercise and social interactions.


Cherry Pie thrives best in Mediterranean climates, flourishing in warm, humid conditions with consistent sunlight. Its growth pattern is short and bushy, requiring regular trimming to ensure light penetrates to the lower flowering nodes. The strain’s flowering time ranges between eight to nine weeks when cultivated indoors, with outdoor harvests typically ready by late October. For growers seeking to accentuate the strain’s purple colouration, exposing the plants to cooler temperatures during growth can stimulate the pigmentation.


Cherry Pie’s terpene profile is a captivating blend that complements its sensory attributes. Myrcene, the dominant terpene, imparts an herbal, earthy scent reminiscent of a lush, green forest. Complementing this is caryophyllene, which adds a spicy, peppery dimension, and pinene, contributing a refreshing pine aroma. This combination of terpenes not only defines the strain’s unique aroma and flavour but also contributes to its therapeutic properties.

Medical Properties

Cherry Pie has been reported to offer various medical benefits, particularly for psychological and physiological ailments. Its ability to alleviate stress, depression, and anxiety is notable, making it a suitable option for those seeking mental relief. Additionally, its anti-inflammatory properties can ease headaches and chronic pains. At higher doses, Cherry Pie’s sedative qualities can also aid in managing insomnia.


Cherry Pie is a strain that stands out for its complex profile and versatile effects. Its alluring appearance, delightful aroma, and rich flavour profile make it a favourite among cannabis connoisseurs. The balanced high it provides, combining mental clarity with physical relaxation, adds to its appeal. Whether used for recreational enjoyment or medical relief, Cherry Pie offers a comprehensive cannabis experience that is both enjoyable and therapeutic.

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