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Cheese terpenes

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Cheese, originating in the UK, is a renowned strain and a unique phenotype of Skunk #1 – a blend of Afghani (Indica), Acapulco Gold (Sativa), and Colombian Gold (Sativa). Emerging between 1988 and 1989, it was swiftly cloned and disseminated. Being a female phenotype, the original Cheese strain is only available via cloning. Nonetheless, other breeders have simulated it in seed form, coupling a female Cheese with various indica strains.

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Strain Breakdown


Cheese is a classic weed strain hailing from the UK. It is named after its distinctively pungent and sour aroma. The buds of Cheese are visually appealing, with a range of shades from light green to deep olive, complemented by vibrant orange pistils. The flowers are typically dense and compact, showcasing the indica influence in their structure.


The smell of Cheese is its defining characteristic. It emits a strong and sharp aroma that is reminiscent of aged Cheese. This unique scent can be quite polarizing, either captivating or repelling individuals. The pungency of the smell is a result of the strain’s genetics, particularly its Skunk #1 lineage.


When it comes to taste, Cheese delivers a distinct experience that matches its aroma. The flavour profile is often described as earthy and musky, with pronounced cheese-like undertones. Some smokers also detect hints of sweetness and skunkiness, adding complexity to the overall taste. The combination of these flavours creates a memorable and unmistakable experience.


Cheese is known for its potent and well-rounded effects. As an Indica-dominant strain, it offers relaxation and a sense of tranquillity. Smokers often report a calm and contented state of mind, accompanied by happiness and euphoria. Cheese gently eases both the body and mind, making it a popular choice for unwinding after a long day or seeking relief from stress and anxiety.


Cultivating Cheese can be a rewarding experience for growers. It is suitable for indoor and outdoor cultivation, although indoor setups provide better control over environmental conditions. Cheese plants are known for their resilience and can withstand fluctuating temperatures. They have a moderate flowering period, usually 8 to 10 weeks. With proper care and attention, growers can achieve satisfying yields of resinous and aromatic buds.


The terpene profile of Cheese contributes to its distinctive aroma and flavour. The dominant terpenes found in this strain include caryophyllene, myrcene, and limonene. Caryophyllene lends the strain its spicy and peppery notes, while myrcene adds earthy and musky undertones. Limonene provides a touch of citrus and freshness to the overall profile. These terpenes work together to enhance the sensory experience of Cheese.

Medical Properties

Cheese has been reported to provide relief for various ailments and conditions. Its relaxing and euphoric effects make it a popular choice for managing stress, anxiety, and depression. The strain’s analgesic properties may also relieve chronic pain and inflammation. Additionally, Cheese has been known to stimulate appetite and alleviate nausea, making it beneficial for individuals undergoing treatments such as chemotherapy.


In conclusion, Cheese is a renowned Indica-dominant hybrid strain from the UK. Its striking appearance, distinctive aroma, and unique flavour profile have contributed to its widespread popularity. With its calming and euphoric effects, Cheese offers a delightful and relaxing experience for recreational and medicinal users. Whether seeking stress relief, pain management, or simply indulging in its distinct sensory experience, Cheese remains a cherished and sought-after strain in the cannabis community.

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