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Dive deep into the world of Biscotti, the cannabis strain that is redefining indulgence. Think of an evening, surrounded by friends, laughter filling the air, a sense of relaxation and euphoria permeating the atmosphere. This is the Biscotti experience. A potent indica-dominant hybrid, it’s the brainchild of Cookies Farms, offering its consumers a high and an experience. With its intricate blend of flavours and aromas, combined with its potent therapeutic effects, it’s no wonder that Biscotti has rapidly risen the ranks to become a favourite among cannabis enthusiasts.

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Strain Breakdown


Biscotti cannabis boasts spade-shaped dark olive green nugs juxtaposed by long dark orange hairs. A robust frosty coating of bright white crystal trichomes is undeniably a top-shelf appeal, making it quite a sight for sore eyes.


The alluring aroma of the Biscotti weed strain is a melange of earthy herbs and fruits, underscored by a pronounced cookie scent. This delightful bouquet is sure to entice even the most discerning of olfactory palates.


For the connoisseurs of flavour, Biscotti promises an unforgettable journey. An exceptionally delicious sugary cookie flavour is the primary taste that meets the palate. But that’s not where it ends. A rich, spicy exhale complements the initial sweetness, making every toke feel like a gourmet experience.


Delving into the effects of Biscotti cannabis, it serves a cerebral rush that seamlessly transforms into a state of pure, unfocused bliss. As the mind finds its sanctuary in serenity, a calming body sensation takes over, evoking a sense of relaxation devoid of any worldly concerns. This strain, with its high THC level, is known to induce giggles, leaving one laughing and uplifted.


Those keen on cultivating the Biscotti weed strain should be prepped for a flowering time spanning 8-9 weeks. Ideally suited for outdoor growth, harvest time leans towards mid to late October. Exhibiting typical indica traits, Biscotti grows into a stout, bushy plant, reaching an average height of about 4 feet. Implementing low-stress training and Screen of Green techniques can enhance its growth and yield.


The Biscotti’s terpene profile paints a vivid tapestry of nature’s aromatic delights. Dominating the mix is Caryophyllene, bestowing a spicy, peppery essence reminiscent of freshly crushed peppercorns. Following closely is Limonene, lending a refreshing citrus hint reminiscent of sun-kissed oranges. Myrcene wraps up the trio with its herbal undertones, often evoking memories of an ancient apothecary’s shelf.

Medical Properties:

Given its potent THC level, Biscotti cannabis has emerged as a strain of choice for medical marijuana patients. Predominantly, it’s sought after to alleviate symptoms linked with stress, anxiety, and depression. Additionally, its therapeutic properties have proven beneficial for those battling mood swings and chronic pain.


Biscotti, an indica-dominant cannabis strain, is an embodiment of culinary and botanical brilliance. Its tantalising flavours, potent therapeutic properties, and top-tier appearance make it a must-try for both recreational and medicinal users. Cultivated meticulously by Cookie Farms, this strain promises an unparalleled experience, making every moment like a sweet, indulgent escape.

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