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B28 terpenes

Country of Origin
Dominant terpene:

No Information Available

Other terpenes:

None Recorded

B28 is a sativa-dominant hybrid weed strain which packs a punch, tastes great and is made from crossing two strain we love: Skunk #1 and Green Crack

B28 may help with the following conditions*

B28 strain possible side effects**

Strain Breakdown


Light-green nugs with sativa-dominant bud structure coming from both parents. B28 is a vibrant green colour which pops and is distinctive from other cannabis varieties.


This strain’s sweet, skunky smell will be noticed from across the room – B28 has strong, skunky and sweet notes originating from its parents.


A smooth, sweet, cheesy/skunky taste fills the mouth as the smoke is inhaled.


The B28 weed strain delivers strong, inebriating and heady effects.


No data recorded.


No data recorded.

Medical properties

No data recorded.


Not much is known about this elusive cannabis strain, bred by B28 Genetics, as not many people have got to sample it. Originating from the outskirts of London, this strain is one to watch out for should you ever come across it.

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