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Alien Cream Cake


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Alien Cream Cake terpenes

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Alien Cream Cake is a wonderfully rich and creamy-flavoured cannabis strain. It is an evenly balanced hybrid created by crossing Alien Cookies and Sour Cream Cake strains bred by Green Avenger Seeds. The colours and trichome distribution are impressive on this cannabis cultivar, which also boasts high THC content.

Strain Breakdown


Showcasing a pale hue, the Alien Cream Cake strain impresses with its dense nug structure, tightly packed and glistening with resinous trichomes. Its grape-shaped buds host an intriguing forest green and deep purple palette, speckled with light amber hairs. A sparkling frost of bright amber crystal trichomes amps up the allure of Alien Cream Cake.


Alien Cream Cake’s aromatic profile is a delightful fusion of sweet creaminess and the freshness of blue pine. These scents mingle together, creating an appealing fragrance tinged with dank pungency. The inviting aroma of this strain augments the overall sensory enjoyment.


Alien Cream Cake offers a smooth smoking experience with a nearly impeccable flavour. Its palate is dominated by the refreshing notes of blue pinene and the calming myrcene. These flavours interweave to add richness and complexity, enhancing the overall gustatory pleasure of the strain.


Alien Cream Cake’s high is a creeper, subtly infusing the mind after a few minutes of exhaling. The initial effect is uplifting, enhancing the mood and ushering in a state of euphoria. As the high deepens, it expands throughout the body, alleviating aches and inducing a sense of weightlessness. This effect eventually morphs into a potent physical stoned sensation, potentially leading to couch-lock. Boasting high THC levels, averaging over 21%, Alien Cream Cake is a popular choice for alleviating conditions like depression, mood swings, chronic stress, chronic pain, migraines, and headaches.


Alien Cream Cake is a hybrid strain that appeals to enthusiasts. Growing this strain demands a level of knowledge and expertise as it flourishes in a well-controlled environment where factors such as temperature, humidity, and nutrient levels are carefully regulated. Its flowering period typically stretches from 8 to 9 weeks, potentially yielding a bountiful harvest.


The Alien Cream Cake strain owes its unique aroma and flavour to its terpene profile. Though the specific terpenes may vary, pinene and myrcene often make their presence known, influencing the overall sensory experience and defining the strain’s character.

Medical Properties

Alien Cream Cake’s therapeutic potential is much acclaimed. It’s frequently chosen to manage a range of conditions, including depression, mood swings, chronic stress, chronic pain, migraines, and headaches. With its uplifting and relaxing effects, it serves as a worthy companion for individuals seeking relief from such ailments.


In essence, Alien Cream Cake, a balanced hybrid strain cultivated by Green Avenger, is popular among cannabis connoisseurs. Its pale, sparkling appearance, enticing aroma of blue pine and sweet creaminess, and smooth flavour profile contribute to its appeal. The strain’s high commences with a subtle uplifting impact before engulfing the entire body, offering pain relief and culminating in a physically stoned and couch-locked experience. Alien Cream Cake, with its high THC levels, is often chosen for its potential to mitigate conditions such as depression, mood swings, chronic stress, chronic pain, migraines, and headaches. Cultivation requires a controlled environment and expertise. Overall, Alien Cream Cake is a standout strain, sought after for its distinct characteristics and potential therapeutic benefits.

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