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Let us introduce you to the AK-47 hybrid strain, sometimes just called AK or written as AK47 or AK-47. Now, don’t be alarmed by its rather intense name—this strain is surprisingly mellow! It’s a mix of strains from all over the world: Colombian, Mexican, Thai, and Afghani. Quite the international blend, wouldn’t you say?

What makes AK 47 interesting is that it’s a mix between indica and sativa, with sativa dominating the mix slightly. This means it’s more about boosting your mood and energizing your mind than sending you off to sleep. But the real kicker? Despite its rather intimidating name, the AK-47 strain is all about relaxation. It’s like a big, warm, mellow hug that leaves you feeling calm and chilled out. So, if you’re after a strain that has an exciting blend of influences and offers a wonderfully relaxed experience, the AK 47 could be just the ticket.

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Strain Breakdown


The AK-47 strain is a visual spectacle, boasting a lineage that’s evident in every feature. From its medium to large buds to its densely-packed structure, each aspect of its appearance spells quality. Highlighted by bright orange pistils, the vibrant green buds are further adorned with a lavish layer of sparkling trichomes. The AK-47 strain doesn’t just catch the eye; its stunning aesthetics signal a potent experience waiting to unfold.


The AK-47 strain’s aroma is as compelling as its looks. Emanating an intricate olfactory profile, the first whiff reveals a mix of sour, earthy nuances that reflect its rich genetic heritage. With a skunky and spicy base, the scent profile of the AK-47 strain is layered and captivating. Yet, upon closer inspection, you’ll find gentle whispers of floral sweetness that add another layer to its aromatic complexity.


Tasting the AK-47 strain is an adventure of its own. Unlike its more earth-centric aroma, each inhale offers a surprising splash of sweet and floral notes. This unique taste contrast creates a distinct and unforgettable flavour experience, akin to a finely blended cocktail. With each exhale, the AK-47 strain leaves a delicious aftertaste that ensures each smoking session is memorable.


Despite its intense name, the AK-47 strain offers a serene experience. Predominantly sativa, it awakens mental clarity and alertness without overwhelming your senses. Its balanced effects make it a top choice for social gatherings or creative pursuits. However, the potent nature of the AK-47 strain calls for mindful consumption.


From beginner to experienced growers, the AK-47 strain garners universal acclaim for its adaptability and resilience. It thrives in varied conditions, whether you opt for an indoor hydroponic arrangement or an outdoor garden basking in sunlight. With a typical 8 to 9-week flowering window, the AK-47 strain yields high-quality buds that reward a grower’s commitment.


Dominant terpenes such as caryophyllene and myrcene contribute to the AK-47 strain’s aromatic richness. These terpenes not only give it its unique scent but also shape its therapeutic and overall effects.

Medical Properties

The AK-47 strain is far more than a recreational pleasure. Its diverse effects offer potential relief from stress, anxiety, depression, and chronic pain. Perfectly balanced for both medicinal and recreational users, it provides a holistic experience that spans relaxation and mental rejuvenation.


The AK-47 strain is a well-rounded cannabis variety, celebrated for its aesthetic allure, captivating scent, unique taste, and versatile effects. It’s a favourite for both social and creative activities, providing a balanced mental uplift and relaxation. Growers value it for its robust growth and generous yields, while users appreciate its potential therapeutic properties. In the expansive cannabis landscape, the AK-47 strain stands as a testament to genetic diversity and quality.

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