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The Pot Podcast Playlist – Runtime: 420 minutes 

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In case your eyes are unavailable this year, we’ve designed the ultimate potluck of cannabis podcasts, so that you can be all ears. 

Join the other 19 million Brits listening to podcasts, and check out some of the best cannabis content on the internet. 

Here’s 420 minutes worth of cannabis conversations featuring patients, doctors and industry experts for you to listen to this April.

The Cannabis Conversation

The Cannabis Conversation is hosted by Anuj Desai and since its launch in 2019, he has interviewed over 100 guests. Due to covering a wide range of topics within the cannabis field, Anuj has hosted a variety of guests, from lawyers and investors to world-renowned scientists and clinicians as well as their patients. 

We’d recommend episode 173: What’s wrong with the Cannabis Industry? With Dr. Ethan Russo, Founder of Credo Science – Runtime: 44 minutes

Medical Errors Interviews

Hosted by patient advocate and counsellor Scott Simpson, this podcast gives a voice to victims and their families and raises awareness of medical errors, negligence and the darker side of medicine. 

We’d recommend episode 80: Sarah Colero: “Owe my life to medical cannabis” – life with brain surgeries, migraines and opioids – runtime: 49 minutes

The Drug Science Podcast

Drug policy, research and harm reduction are at the forefront of this podcast, which has been running since 2019. Hosted by Professor David Nutt, former government advisor and chairman of Drug Science, this podcast provides expert opinions on major drug issues. 

We’d recommend episode 49: Medical cannabis in the UK with Professor Mike Barnes – runtime: 44 minutes 

The Curious about Cannabis Podcast

On this podcast, scientists, clinicians, patients and cannabis industry professionals are interviewed by Jason Wilson, MS. The natural products researcher also has a book published under the title ‘Curious about Cannabis’. 

We’d recommend feature 11: Meet the Cannabis Plant: Exploring the Evolutionary History and Life Cycle of Cannabis – Runtime: 46 minutes

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Cannabis Health Magazine Podcast

Hosted by well-known activist and advocate Hannah Deacon, along with the doctor who secured the first-ever medical cannabis licence in the UK for her son Alfie – Professor Michael Barnes, this podcast interviews guests to find out why cannabis matters to them.

We’d recommend episode 1: Tonia Antoniazzi MP – What’s your why?  – runtime: 36 minutes 

Let’s Talk Plant Medicines

Hosted by Dr Lola Ohanba, a medical cannabis clinical pharmacist, Let’s Talk Plant Medicine is an educational podcast that discusses the power of plant medicines. 

We’d recommend episode 61: How Cannabis Can Be Effective For Cancer Pain – Runtime: 33 minutes

The Doctors Farmacy

Often considered a leader in the functional medical field, Dr Mark Hyman hosts The Doctors Farmacy podcast. The American Physician interviews specialists in mediation, mindfulness and movement, as well as experts in all things environmental.

We’d recommend episode 626: Healing Insomnia, Reducing Pain, And Other Benefits of Medical Cannabis – Runtime: 66 minutes

Cannabis Helps Dementia

Hosted by family caregivers Dave and Chela Coennen, this podcast has interviewed educators, advocates, clinicians and researchers to share their findings and feelings on medical cannabis treatments for Dementia. 

We’d recommend episode 13: Dr, Melanie Bone, M.D.: Benefits of Low-Dose THC for Dementia & Barriers to Medical Cannabis Research – Runtime: 56 minutes

The Liz Earle Wellbeing Show

Liz Eale has been hosting her well-being podcast since 2017. Here, the well-known writer, entrepreneur and TV presenter discusses a number of topics relating to women’s wellness and lifestyle trends. 

We’d recommend episode 7 (season 15) : Medical cannabis and the endocannabinoid system, with Mary Biles – Runtime: 45 minutes

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