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Strains on the Rise: Discover the Top-Performing Cannabis Strains at Product Earth 2023

From 18th to 20th August, we journeyed to the historical town of Kenilworth to immerse ourselves in the vibrant world of Product Earth, housed within the grand expanse of the NAEC Arena, Stoneleigh.

The renowned hemp & CBD expo, now proudly celebrating its seventh anniversary, is not just any ordinary event. It serves as a melting pot that draws enthusiasts from diverse backgrounds, united in their appreciation for the burgeoning British Cannabis culture.

Introducing Strains

Cannevents Product Earth Top Shelf Optics


Having launched Strains earlier this year, 2023 marked our maiden voyage into the cannabis industry. Consequently, making our presence felt at an influential event like Product Earth was not just a whim but a well-thought-out strategy.

The Purpl Pro Cannabinoid Tester Experience

In our attempt to stand out and offer a unique experience, we showcased our state-of-the-art Purpl Pro cannabinoid tester supplied by Releaf Medical Cannabis Clinic for the day. The cherry on top? We provided free THC/CBD testing for the attendees.

While we were confident that our proposition would pique interest – after all, who can resist a free test? – the overwhelming response took us by surprise. The weekend witnessed a constant stream of enthusiasts, some even forming queues around our booth, eagerly waiting for their buds to be assessed.

Cannevents Product Earth Top Shelf Optics

The Leaderboard Spectacle

To add an element of competition and keep the spirit high, we maintained a dynamic leaderboard, showcasing the various strains we encountered. The order was primarily based on the THC percentage, making it a visual treat for the connoisseurs present.

Gathering insights from this maiden venture provided us with a treasure trove of information about cannabis preferences, patterns, and consumption habits. Stay tuned for our in-depth analysis in the upcoming articles of this series.

Cannevents Product Earth Top Shelf Optics

Looking Ahead: Product Earth 2024

Our vision for the next year is clear: we aim to supersize our experience. Imagine a larger, central stand space bustling with multiple cannabinoid testers. Such a setting could potentially increase our reach, enabling more tests and interactions throughout the event.

A Gesture for Goodness

In our endeavour to maintain fairness and balance demand, on the concluding day of Product Earth 2023, we introduced a nominal charge of £5 for subsequent tests. The collected amount, a sum of £65, was contributed to the commendable homeless initiative, Showerbox, located in London. Their dedication can be further explored and supported through their [Just Giving Page](#).

Delving into the Results

The standout strains, boasting an impressive 27% THC, were:

Mammacita by Mean Beanz
Lemon Berry by Grow More Fire
Strawpicanna by Oni Seed Company

However, a notable observation was the discrepancy in the THC content advertised on the mylar Cali packs. They were often inflated by almost 10%, deviating from our test results.

On the other hand, Medicinal cannabis (CBPMs) stood true to its claims, reflecting accuracy in its cannabinoid content.

A blog series detailing all our findings from Product Earth 2023 will follow on from this post. Moreover, each strain we tested will soon have its dedicated page for a deep dive into its characteristics. So, keep an eye out and watch this space!

Cannevents Product Earth Top Shelf Optics

Here are the top 10 THC % Strains  spotted at Product Earth 2023. Due to strains containing the same level of THC they drew for 1st place, 2nd place, 3rd place etc.

  1. 27% : Mammacita, Lemon Berry, Strawpicanna
  2. 26% : Pineapple Burst, Permanent Alien, Farm Gas, Melonade Z, Mango Smile (Auto)
  3. 25 % : Powdered Doughnuts, Bruce Banner, Zapplez, Kings Juice, Zlurpie, Z-Bomb
  4. 24% : Runtz Muffin, La Bomba, Pink Gas, Britscotti (Three Fingers Cut), Zoap
  5. 23% : Tropic Oz, GMO Cap G, Strawberry Banana, Khalifa Mints, Annunaki, Tiger Bomb
  6. 22% : Original Scotti, Master Kush, Kush D, Zour, Lemon Treat, Mimosa
  7. 21% : Lemon Cherry Gelato, Banana Punch (Auto), Zkittlez, Zoapinator, Tha-Anubis
  8. 20% : Red Lebanon X Puck,  Permanent Marker, Happy Hour, Double-up Mint, OG-18
  9. 19% : Wedding Cake, Skitzo, Orange Zkittlez, Sunset Sherbet, Gary Satan, Budzilla
  10. 18% : Apple Gusherz, Ghost Train Haze, Sour Rain, Gorilla Cookies

In conclusion, Product Earth 2023 was not just an event; it was an experience, a revelation, and a step forward in our journey. We’re excited about the road ahead and the stories yet to unfold. Join us in this adventure.

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