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Delve into the world of the SmellyBerry strain, a classic cannabis gem with roots tracing back to the renowned blueberry and blues strains. A symphony of rich aromas and subtle tastes, this strain promises a journey for the senses. From its shimmering trichome-laden appearance to its earthy and fruity aroma, every facet of SmellyBerry tells a tale. Embark on an olfactory adventure, savour its nuanced flavours, and immerse in the gentle embrace of its effects. Discover Smelly Berry, where the legacy of classic cannabis meets contemporary cultivation artistry.

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    Strain Breakdown


    SmellyBerry is the epitome of classic cannabis aesthetics, unmistakably echoing its ancestral lineage of blueberry and indica strains. A glance at these buds reveals the nuanced characteristics typical of cannabis: the prominent pistols, an alluring veil of trichomes that seem to shimmer when caught in the right light, and the diverse texture of the buds, some airy and some densely packed. Although there is mention of a loss in visual appeal due to storage mishaps, the strain’s heritage is undeniably present in its appearance.


    The olfactory essence of the SmellyBerry strain is an arresting ensemble of robust aromas. At the forefront, as the name suggests, is a dominant blueberry note, immediately drawing in those nearby with its fruity allure. Delving deeper, there are underlying tones of pungent earthiness and woody sweetness, characteristic of strains known to deliver a profound body high. Intriguingly, there’s a hint of ‘cheesy feet’, possibly attributable to the strain’s inherent pungency, adding a touch of mystique to its aromatic profile.


    Tasting the SmellyBerry is a journey through the palate’s spectrum of senses. When vaped, the strain serenades with a berry-driven flavour reminiscent of the acclaimed MOAB (Mother of All Berries). This berry profile is soft, sweet, and tantalisingly less cheesy than one might anticipate. Opting for a bong amplifies its subtleties, rendering a silky-smooth smoking experience a testament to its cultivation. The flavours, though muted, are enough to leave a lingering fondness, prompting a yearning for another round.


    Though predominantly indica, SmellyBerry surprises with its effects. Initial experiences hint at an uplifting mood, a euphoric state reminiscent of the renowned cheese strains. As time progresses, this euphoria gently gives way to a full-bodied relaxation, echoing the serene effects of the blues strain. However, unlike its blue cheese counterpart, which boasts a deeply sedative touch, SmellyBerry introduces a mildly relaxing and pleasantly uplifting aura, ensuring the user remains in blissful tranquillity.


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    While specific terpenes aren’t explicitly listed for the SmellyBerry strain, its flavour and scent profile hint at its terpene composition. Predominantly, the strain likely boasts Myrcene, imparting that characteristic earthy, musky essence. Following suit might be Limonene, responsible for those fruity blueberry notes. The underlying woody sweetness suggests the presence of Humulene, while its pungency could be attributed to Caryophyllene, known for its spicy undertones.

    Medical Properties

    With its gentle, uplifting effects and deep-rooted body relaxation, SmellyBerry is an appealing choice for those seeking therapeutic relief. Its balanced blend of euphoria and tranquillity makes it particularly apt for addressing conditions demanding a calm, happy disposition.


    The SmellyBerry strain stands as a testament to the timeless appeal of classic cannabis strains. With its rich lineage, undeniable aromatic allure, and balanced effects, it offers users a journey through time, bridging the past’s genetic excellence with the present’s cultivation finesse.

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